Lyrics: Frantzy – Tha Genesis Freestyle

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the apex is my aim and to stop wouldn’t be easy
destined to be a winner cause am synonymus to victory
lyrical battle and these wackoes tryna decline
cause when it comes to rap
tha boy is lyrically inclined
so turn the mic on (maicon)
like that old brazilian left back
i’m at the ‘right front’
cause ya’ll niggas were just left back
“am out of control” like an “involuntary muscle”
if frantzy aint the best
then the game needs some reshuffle.

now they’re like “now you’re talking”
and the “earth is alert” (etisalat)
and they’re “easy starters”
like a “package in etisalat”
its clear i’ll bring them down and rip off their crowns
cause they’re all ‘weak’ (week) like a ‘hundred and sixty eight hours’
am about giving this niggas lyrical funeral
though they’re already underground like natural minerals
i spat and “he ran” (iran)
like an arabian nation, you should be kicked out
something like hiphop segregation

its your boy frantzy
its ilayas on the mix
xblaze on the beat

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