Lyrics: Freezie – Contemplate

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titles=Freezie – Contemplate]

5 4 3 2 1. Heyyyy uhn yeea. Here we go. Freziee uhn Ds is not a gimmick

neither a horror flick
Am here wit da same flow wit dsame doe
tryna kip it high bove ma lyrics
Stunt hard but you know am down
Least you curious aii
Dey call me Freshman cuz You know me yep I get far
Ohh God its monday
Husle hard on tuesday
Meet ma baby on wednessday
oh shit i record on thursday
Thank God its Friday
sanitize on saturday
Go to church on sunday
Ma week just make me faded
Buh u Happy
Am satisfied
weaker i get i multiply
Same dude same lyrics
Pissed off aint hear it

i love ma crew so wat u gon do
am over wiv u now dats Fact
Fresh all day
Healthy and am handsome
performin for free u pay me attention
WHoops der i go again
Harder sht aint worth d pain
Deysay u Nigerian use d style
fools never get a taste of da real music
But aii Look in da miror
fly as ever am dat Play list
Destined for greatness…, may b braggin
God just make me selfless
Ohh God its monday…..Husle hard on tuesday
Am sittin on ma chair counting Benjamins….Ahhh
Papa God bless me am Benjamin ahhh
Haters wuld b askin who is benjamin aii
Dat boi in da west is a Benjamin ayy
Well ama nigga from da North….Proudly repping for ma city
Wen u see me drive By Put ur hands so i can see it
Da lyrics sounds bitter…she fine shez a Diva
But never take ma pin u can follow me on twitter…
Sounds obnoxious….every nigga should
Am takin all da credits so dey say am Robinhood
Atleast i gave it a try……wat u xpected am good
Catch me up at 7 ill be chilling wiv ma boo
Billie jean His not ma action
child abuse ds niggas call me michael Jackson
Sleeping underground Thugs give me hearo action
You knw I do it bigger dats ma satisfaction. Yeea freziie

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