Lyrics: Full Effex – Truth Part 2 ft. D’Truce

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titles=Truth (Pt. 2) feat. D-Truce]


Barely 12 and my dad tripping,
My mom try to talk to him but he ain’t never listen,
She try figure what the hell’s missing,
Used to have it good but now there’s barely enuff to feed the children,
He had 2 maters and a PHD,
But couldn’t give his fam food to eat,
Act like nobody could tell him shit,
Used to go out and get drunk and fuck around and come back and try to get my mama beat,
He gave her a black eye one night,
That’s his he knew his lil’ boy could fight,
I knocked him off and I feel bad about it but sometimes I sincerely think that he deserves worse,
Became fatherless not by natural death,
Put that nigger in my past,
Cuz he abandoned his fam and I know he’s going nowhere fast,
Becoming a teen without a father,
Is something that made me stronger,
Now I’m with mom and I’m the man of the house,
And she treat me like a son and a spouse,
Nothing sexual,
Same kicks that I had since march,
Is the pair I march in,
My baby sis calls me her hero she wrote it on the walls of my room,
I can’t imagine..what it would be like if I fuck up,
So I’m trying not to get stuck up,
My ex girl told me that ama never be nothing and I told the bitch go suck cock,
Cuz I knew that she was fucking half the boys in babcock,
My new girl told me it will get better with time,
That ama make cash off these rhymes,
But she set up on a test to see if I was faithful and I fucked up aint that a mess,
Now I’m tryna get her to believe in me,
Cuz she was this close to leaving me,
I’m hopefull that she listens to this track,
I’m just tryna get my goodlife back…

yeah, i feel u nigga…
theres a true side of things, there had to be a part 2

how much of my life can fit in 2 minutes?
i’ll answer that for u, just a lil bit of it.
My being able to rap about it’s just one of d benefits of lettin myself manifest.
Psychology says i’m a product of my childhood that was stolen from me
when i moved from having my own room to living in one room in the backwoods of a bad hood,
needless to say: my childhood was not good.
Always treated like the black sheep,
gettin beat to shit for havin a mind of my own
Never d one to submit to control
Tasted rebellion, chose my own path, i was in my zone.
I woke up in ’95 with a nugget of truth: i came to this world alone; i’ll make friends, enemies, fuck bitches, probably get married n have kids with a crib… but i’ll die alone.
When my dad got locked up n shit got fucked up,
friends n family all around dem just lock up.
The same mo’fuckers wey dey come our house chop dey laff me when hunger dey catch me, i suffer!
And then i gained 2 things, a lesson and a blessing.
And the lesson is this: a house dont make no home.
And if ur spouse dont share ur dreams, then u cant grow.
All the ‘fine’ aint shit if she aint got the right mind cos y’all is another time bomb waiting to blow.
But thats d mistake my dad made
cos when shit hit the fan, she got ants in her pants and she ran.
If u’re talkin forgiveness, then i dont believe u’re gettin this.
What kind of woman… i just cant understand…
When he came out in ’98, everything was gone, everything was wrong…
no money, no house, no clothes, no watch, no bed to sleep in and no welcome back song…
And no wife… cos even she was gone, tryin to recapture youth in another mans arms…
And no life… for a lil nigga to come to.
Dad, my only regret is that i never told u
how much i love n respect u for ur hustle… never realised this till i lost u.
People never get the roses while they can still smell em
we got words but we choose the wrong times to tell em
i’m a spitting image of u, i’m a gifted nigga
i wont stop till i see that name lifted nigga
And thats d blessing right there: If not for d bullshit in my life, i never would’ve known that i could write.
i probably would’ve never picked up a mic,
i probably would’ve never met the brothers from other mothers who mean a lot to me, making me know what family’s like…
truth about me is i’m messed up, too much baggage. i’m just tryin to make d best of it as i can and reduce the damage
and thats my truth. Word!

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