Lyrics: G-Eleos – Inside Out ft. Mac Roc

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The stars have disappeared and the sun is awake and is trying to make it’s appearance, they call it day break

The colors like a work of art
Every sound musical like a piece by mozart, it’s all so magical
The world is at peace…Wait! Is it?

The darkness here is overwhelming and she aint opening the blinds to let the light in, no, she’s blind, can’t see the light and this storm is crazy frightening
It aint lacking the works, the thunder and lightening

And if there’s a way outta this then it’s a maze, indecipherable, incomprehensible, her life’s illegible So!

She slowly blinks,tears fall like raindrops
Trying to think, tryna make it all stop
Closes her eyes,let’s out a sigh
It don’t make a difference leaving em wide…Wait! Is there a lighter shade of black, cos she can’t be seeing,aint got eyes on her back. Is her mind playing tricks or is she really sick

She knows she aint dreaming, but this darkness aint so thick
Suddenly she’s sure the black has turned grey
Dare she hope that it could become day?
Could closing her eyes really be the way
The way outta misery,the way to liberty

How it could be,still seemed a mystery
And then! A ray of light,small but welcome Bringing hope,hope of what it could become….She gasps, it gets brighter and even her heavy heart feels lighter

She screams and this time not a scream of sorrow
Not a scream of someone dreading tomorrow
Her weakness disappears, really she feels bold and right before her eyes was a sight to behold

The light had broken into endless fireworks
A display of colors words couldn’t describe
The beauty, the radiance, she feels like a bride

Today her wedding, a perfect fairytale
And if this is real, then for sure she can’t fail
Tears escape closed lids,roll down her cheeks
This time tis joy,hasn’t experienced it in weeks

Looks on, she knows she’s got eyes inside
The fireworks stop and now tis clearly day
Her eyes adjust and Yes she can see
Up above, the sky, blue as the sea
Down below, dew glistening on fresh green grass

Flowers in different shades and shapes
The sight she thinks, precise landscaping
Her eyes catch everything, nothing escaping
The trees full of fruits, the aroma inviting
And yes she is ready to do the tasting
In the distance she could hear, a stream flowing
Music to her ears,alongside birds chirping
She hears a giggle,then it bursts into laughter

She aint got company so yes it came from her
And now she aint scared to open her eyes
What she’s seeing is real,all else will align
She opens those eyes,she really aint surprised…

The darkness has disappeared,its really bright here
She pulls the blinds, it gets even brighter
There aint no storm,not even a drizzle
The way to look out was to look in

Look in and see her case was solved from start
Her groom stretched on a tree bled His all declared her free
Took away her torment,put joy in every moment

She was truely the bride, priceless yet paid for in full and totally righteous
Her world is at peace, it isn’t a question
Her groom said ‘it is finished’ she repeats ‘It is finished’

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