Lyrics: G-Wim – You Can Make It ft. iP Lyricx

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Eyes are heavy
hope is dark
i haven’t smile for so long it’s clear I need a sign
I have been alone in this cave for a couple of days
I crave for a better days- faith ain’t been brave
Lord i need you
i need you as father and friend
i don’t wanna be with the trend
I’m ready to change
I know what am up against
almost lost my faith
if life is hard who said death is going to be chilled?
I felt a drop of water on face -my fate i embrace
mama said G-wim be the change you want to see in the world
make your choice use your mind
pray to GOD and stand your ground
trouble don’t grow from the ground -it all start from the mind
this is what you find when you tryna make a man
D.i.Y do it yourself, do it yourself
then I stepped into the world
i met good and evil
is all in the eyes -I’m trying to make my destiny

CHORUS (iP Lyricx) :
You can make it
You can shine
It’s a matter of timing
Just stay on your grind (x2)

VERSE 2 ( iP Lyricx):
O demn here we go again
O demn I can feel the pain
O demn can this be real?
It seems like its really gonna rain again
I tryna put my troubles on my left hand
And my testimonies on the other
I tryna weigh them, my right hand feels way heavier than the other
O Jesus!
Praise Jehovah
My daddy used to say iP stand strong be a soldier
Always stay on your grind boy –you arent getting younger
Started up like a joke
Mind-set of a hustler
I knew ama blow
Mama says “don’t care about the weather baby –when you know you can make it rain”
If you put your hustle together, you can win the grammy someday
Now the boy cant be broke
What im made from arent ceramic
When it seems so blank, -im seeing ways like always
Get fatigued –NO WAY!
Cos my lord must step in
I see stories changing
O friend you can make it too
Im not in a haste bro –I put God first in anything that im into

My blessings gon go on –like a wave will flow on
Before my life was so dark, now watch me shine on

CHORUS (iP Lyricx) :

You can make it
You can shine
It’s a matter of timing
Just stay on your grind (x4)

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