Lyrics: Gaebry-L – Walkiya (Shining)

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It’s Gaebry-L again yeah owh yeah
You know how we do it, let’s go

It’s that time again when we come to celebrate
Put on your dancing shoes, brother, sister no delay(no delay)
The train of celebration is on its way(on it way) ah ye ye ye ye
She na God oh, wey dey bless me, dey make me shine oh oh
She na God oh, wey butter my bread and He sugar my tea
I no know wetin I fit be without His love
I no know wetin I fit do without His love

So make you see me oh, God don bless me, He put His arms around me, His light is shining over me [2x]

Toh gani ina walkiya
Yesu kuma ya sani dariya
Ban da wahala
Ubangiji ne baba na [2x]

See I’m so fly, my star is shining brightly
Look at me now I’m so fresh, na papa God wey dey bless me
Come join me celebrate oh
Celebrate wetin God don do oh
My enemies Him dey frustrate oh
Set a table for me make I chopulate oh
‘Cos I’m serving the Lord
I make my boast in the Lord
So make you no blame me
It’s not my fault I’m shining
Na na na na na na na na na na na na ye ye ye ye ye



Yei I’m so fly
Ga ni ina walkiya
I got my blings on
I’m so fly yeah

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