Lyrics: Gaise – Little Drops

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Awa – Awa o tush oh oh..
Natialo Productions
Sanctified Records
Its Gaise Baba!

Ilu ta bi mi si, ni 86 (the country I was born in, in 1986)
And it seems we’ve been perambulating since
A’n lati tes’iwaju (we must make progress)
We just have to find a means
Aadota odun s’eyin pelu die l’ominira de (independence came a little over 50 years ago)
Lat’igbayen titi d’isiyin a si’nwa batise (from then till now we’re still grappling with how to make it work)
E je jeka fun’ra wa ni brain ka jo gbe (we better wisen up and lift this nation)
Awon kan ti lo s’eyin (some have come and gone)
Won ti gbiyanju (they’ve tried their best)
O ku si wa l’owo (its left in our hands)
It is up to you
There’s a repercussion for every single thing that you do
Gbogbo wa’n bu ijoba (we’re all accusing the government)
A ni won’on da (we say they’re bad)
Sugbon gbogbo wa l’apapo la’n dakun isoro wa (but we all together contribute to our problems)
What goes around comes around, karma

Little drops make an ocean
Every single step that we take, the move that we make
Affects our nation
So make we dey try ka maa se’nkan rere (so let’s try to do good)

Eyin okunrin marun, e ko’rayin po (you five guys, you connive)
E wa fi tipatipa ba obinrin kan lo po (and rape a lady)
Eranko niyin e de ni arun opolo (you’re animals, and mentally sick)
Odidi ilu kan ko ara won jo (a whole town gathered)
Won sun omo ile-iwe giga merin nina (and lynched four undergraduate students)
Losan gangan laisi iberu kankan (in broad daylight without an iota of fear)
Iwo! O mu pure water, o so si gutter (you! You take pure water and throw into the gutter)
Agbara de o wa’n pariwo fashola (flood comes and you start exclaiming.. Fashola!!)
Talo f’agbara, bii ba’n se iwo apa (who caused the flood if not you, destructive one)
Mummy omo yin se JAMB, ko pass, o fail (mummy your child sat for JAMB and failed)
Special centre le wa’n wa kiri ki won ba se (you’re then searching for special centres to help cheat and boost the child’s scores)
Obayeje ojo’waju re le fi’n s’ere (you’re toiling with the child’s future)

Eyin ijoba ti a gb’orile ede le l’owo (you government officials in whose hands we committed the nation)
E wa’n na billion, bi eni na kobo (you then expend billions like its peanuts you’re spending)
Sibesibe ise kobo la’n ri l’ona (and still the executed projects we see around us aren’t worthy of the billions expended)
Won ni budget for subsidy, 245billion (N245b was budgeted for fuel subsidy)
E de la’ju yin si’le e na 1.3trillion (and you looked on until N1.3trillion was expended)
Probe lori probe, aa ri restitution (and after the numerous probes that followed, there still wasn’t any restitution)
But, nevertheless
This land is blessed
All we gotta do is put the next man first
Consider your neighbour, Amaka tabi Debo (Amaka or Debo)
Ibikibi to ba tiwa (wherever the origin)
Kaduna, Imo, Lagos
Let the best of us lead the rest of us
And the rest of us support the best of us
This is all I have to say for now
There’s so much more so I’ll still come around.. Later!

Chorus till fade…

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