Lyrics: Gedes – The Box (M.I Cover)

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Ha, lord Gedes
I don’t believe in em,
But am trying to find my way to the box,
Trying to find my way to the box,
Am still thinking you know
But how can I lose myself
When am trying to find my way to the box
Trying to find my way to box,

Far from the box secretly trying to keep my pandorax open, let the cat out the bag/
I run like a cheetah turn on the ticker timer am practically running outta time/
How to fall back in line when i was never on the queue
Am choking on this dope I smuggled in myself/
Attitude for this oracles engulfs my shelf/
Watching out for my left since I was always right/
Now whats left am looking at the media for response I bargained not for/
Rules for everyday music toss em out the front door/
shoes off as you step in this no rules zone/
Follow me yo/
I path seas let me take you through deep flows/
But the hustle gave me scars that could murder mufasa/
Pulled stunts so intense but cudnt make it to the olympics,
Alubosa stuck at the top I cry whenever I look up,sire/

I don’t believe in em, yeah
But am out here you know, trying to find my way to the box,
Am still thinking, finding my way to the box

Let me in,seen what your box delivers/
I technically watch your cycle change shape jewelry’s fall off as you carefully drag
the box to your city/
It was you I think 2008 British council/
While you where on tour for the album talk about it/
Damn I talked about it like christ doing his fathers bidding/
My perception of music changed beautifully/
Am proud of your success hope u proud of a fan maybe/
I understand you already have enough shafts in your grains/
Amazing how everybody looks up to you now its enough weight to your name/
The second time We met you said I sounded good mehn that was god speaking/
Rabbi if I could dive in your grace I’d leave your oil cup leaking/
Lubricant for the force to paddle while I evolve a deep sea king/
But my ships sinking/ my ships sinking/my ships sinking, but am jack with a life
The price for gold am far from your screens still running races with gollums/
the afro pops now popping more boxes our new heavy weight champs/
While hiphop heads devising online top 10 forums/
Keep your ten pass me a ladder and I’d count my steps to the top/
Dropped a mixtape and shits broken and compared to the works of this once with tags
to their names thanks for the compliment dou,am on my way to the top/
How can I loose myself when every move I wanna make is contrary to the pattern
already outlined from the beginning?
They’d prolly not tweet about it, tosinadeda would prolly call this attention seeking/
But hey hiphop is all about attention/
Who doesn’t want they hard work on every TL and top mentions/
Name me just one,
There is so much pride up here,can hardly get a retweet from my peers/
The game is a cycle, NO the game is a box with sharp edges/
Funny how retired emcees are the so called critics/
Start rapping and they feast on your shine like insects to a live bulb/
They tell you how you gonna be dope/
His line’s are wack why not shutup and throw him a rope/
You gonna have to prove yourself to the hiphop heads and hiphop pioneers/
And that’s where the box sets in/
You need a go ahead from certain names before your works felt big/
Be careful who’s toes you step on as you match through the thick crowd/
Your career is on the line, and that’s the box speaking/
Its the same box that keeps you at the bottom that shows you off when it pleases/
This is the box season/
So am on my way to the top am on my way to the box until this breath eventually
ceases/ yea

The box – a place where you can’t speak without an already known name,
the only place where anything outside it is wack,
If you’re not in d box,you’re not recognized,
If I don’t make it to the box 2day,
Ovie would prolly say am not just ok,
They might not recognize it is I even if this flow is exclusive,
Chef prolly wouldn’t review my shit for posting,
If I don’t make it to the box,
But here I come,

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