Lyrics: Gedes – Hallucination ft. High M

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I’m having sleepless nights hoping I’d see the sun before dawn/ shut all my doors and carve a map across my concrete floor/ its a pattern – my only escape from the faces I see/ The nightmares and all the horrors that I fight in my sleep/ the terror scares me- I’m trying not to submit to the fear/ still getting rid of this beliefs taking control of my head/ i’m running out of ideas with dis magical spells am chanting/ the animal blood and of-course d rituals that I partake in/ The procedure ain’t easy-it takes away than it gives/ but its probably the best option if I really want 2 breath/ am searching for a savior to save me/ can somebody tell me its alright not to make it, shit am going crazy/ its the thought of bringing a grammy back home/ thought of somebody saying am proud of your success n setting good examples/ Then i can stop being haunted by dis thought-if I would make it, if tomorrow would be better or not/ i call this…..

High M:
I’m in a Zone where i can see the Souls of Mankind
and Rip em off their bodies slap their faces with ma Backhand/Alone in a Dark room but all I hear is Strange Sounds – i’m on ma Way to Heaven but really this boy’s Hell Bound/ Recording in the Street of Lagos, when i’m butt Naked but nobody cares, cos them pretty ladies here be walking Naked/
Is it weird that I can see myself without a Mirror (No)- Or Is It a crime to decide who’s Superior or Inferior (no)/ Steady! Hallucinating ’bout the things I Hope to get-Living in d PRESENT, cos d FUTURE’s just a “Hope-to-get”/ and Niggaz that I know with Bright Futures already Hoped to Death, R.I.P to the Dead, if U’re Living Cherish the Breath/ Yes…I’m Lyrically insane with the MIC in ma Hand, And lame niggaz wonder wat this is cos they don’t Understand/
Why… should… I… ever throw ma Rhymes at HIM
He wouldn’t go HARD even if Medussa woke and stared at HIM

High M & Gedes:
I call this self condemnation, My creation
Its the way I’m talking to my self Up in the Mirror
I Must be Hallucination/ speaking in different languages, funeral images, black everything,
See people mourning and candles burning/
…With dreams going down into the Coffin,
Visions turn Ghost/ Souls Lifted,
All you hear is Tribute to one of the Most –
Gifted, who left too soon
Their legacy would live on forever,
Rest In Peace, we would remember you!
I think about this kinda shit all the tym,
and from the way I see it dreams are cut short, Forgotten along the Line/ so much for working so hard to leave success behind….It Hurts –
cos no one can do it better than You!
so While I’m writing this verse driving the Industry nuts/ Setting ma traps to catch fun and pulling all sort of stunts, I took some time to talk to God, Called upon him in Prayers/ Lord for the sake of thy Name, don’t let ma dreams start with a Funeral….

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