Lyrics: Gedes – Rap God (Eminem Cover)

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Verse 1:
Am beginning to feel like a rap god/
what do you think this people are standing in line for/
men am raising a lot of dust my sixth day is sand fun/
they go steel when this metallic flow hits em like a loud drum/
am like the alternative of the book of life when I craft words,am god/
you in the presence of Holiness/
bow down make a wish step forward if you really can relate with this influence/
time to share facts of a man same size as the whole solar system/
still a myth to the whole universe,between facts and fiction he only
exist,his true nature can’t really be thought proper cause actually no
reference he a god to his brethren, my least effort is square root 2gm
then divided by a known radius/
which means with the right constant I’d be a number ahead of 10point 2kms solve/
am an XY cell with an epigenetic trace my DNA is been altered/
no fossils in my evolution my true origin is been questioned/
based on some negatives in my gravitation and also my reign as a chair
with a gavel mentioned/
anyways you all know a search engine for the big questions am a big
fraction when you scale this preference God over devil now let men
witness, am writing my sermon this is the word recognize the author/
soul compactor with heavy track delivery its an honor call me tractor/
when I practice steps of a cat on a map,with a speed so effortless I
nap on the track/
faster your eyes turn blood bags burst till your neck could snap/
even a kraken claps when I rise with this deeper flow put your best in
a body bag brought back but to face judgment, not really a respecter
of man especially this idiots with corny raps/
oh well,it is I your reverend preach so well/
I bring bars so very hard the only time you can get close to such is
when you stuck in a diamond cell/
am timi go ahead wish me well, play yeast to these dough watch a bakery swell/
jumped on cloud nine turn fairytale now the atmosphere making stories
off my everyday regular methods well/
back to my complexity my every alphabets comes like a morse code,
hits with the suns intensity, so therefore everybody listening to me
speak is technically hot right now, sprout flowers on a rhyme
till a dead beat blossoms indefinitely/ niga/
feeling like I innovated something rather impossible cause I get so
superhuman whenever my vocals through that wire,shooting stars caught
in a bottle is what you getting while am angrily manipulating musical
expressions, with the various keys synonymous to the roles of a lock
smith open up riffs now the flow deep, find me up lyrically
impersonating Zeus while mother gothel s trynna lock a god up in a
chamber for heirs/
I hope you realize this ain’t the kinda shit you hear regularly/
am fela anikulakpo reincarnated I make this politics bleed/
all I see is skeletons no BODY like me, am faster than flash on
adrenaline accelerated brain functions metaphor’s getting expelled
like a meteo,
scary disaster when I exorcise my vocabulary am a miracle walking,I
am-a living wonder, segregated separated from the normal population
super note violation god ability coordination capable of murder see
evidence on the tracks I obliterated/

Verse 2:
Am beginning to feel like a rap god/
ever since mode9 passed that my heels been this hot/
and who think that they rap on the same level as vector/
I have been a god since lord T.R became my mentor/
saying Gedes ain’t the best is blasphemy go ahead ask god/
now I need your attention,better yet let me steal your attention, if
am going too hard blame it on my monstrous erection, my dicks Jupiter
ball too big for a stadium, course my penis to grow thorns if my cum
ever sits in a condom, my temperament lives in a dungeon blood thirsty
beast slits throats and feast on attentions whenever summoned, voice
like a legion when heard on a record,too fly for birds missed twitter
mentions, did I forgot to mention am god cause of the many gods I fed
from,most of them couldn’t survive the tension but my satisfaction is
a symptom acquired from these sick once who stayed contagious, here’s
my list of perfection, am talking efa,boogey,5mics,phenom,AQ,lordV,
mcSkillThapreacha and yung 6ix poe,martino
alcasino,patogen,paybac,Rukus,peter clark,Deeva, paragon
Blao,Butafly,Fecko,Loose Cannon,Seriki,HighM,Havoc,Blaqbonez,Dante’r,
Godwon,Eclipse,Tha Eclipse,AstraP,Saintuzi,SirPresh,jesse jags and
iceprince,caterson,cyrus tha virus,eva alordiah,BLYSTON,Slay,Sandie if
she stays,JimmyJatt,Klem,Pro’meth,TechRaymond,Tonicode,Samclef,Trhymesz,Armanie,Ruggedy,MI,SeanP,Gunzz,O.D,KingGaya,in
no particular order, infatuated with Asa, faze,donJ and Iyanya/
Psquare,2face,2shorts,black face,NigaRaw,darey,styleplus and timaya/fire

Verse 3:
Am beginning to feel like a Bad god/
Sneak into my rhymes through the back door salivating when I prey on
your unrefined thoughts/
Make you do a crash-land that makes a demon do a flash-back/
Do a clap-back when a god rap you can get martyred with a jack knife/
Lyrical alien steel rounds got superman trapped in my backyard/
General Buhari seek extra protection after this loud bang/
I Bully all this revolutionary messiah’s/
Genius I can make mines in my own image/
I mean I can make man in my own image in my own image/
turn a normal flow into a maelstrom if christ was to make miracles for
just tourist attraction/
Am the kinda emcee you can’t pick on/
Am an unstable encryption of codes a pick-axe cannot crack/
this mini-men mastering my miscellaneous might- might need a bomb
squad soon cause such powers is not to be messed with/
Back to the basics,I really doubt if you following but what have been
saying is you don’t stand a chance with a god,but if you think you do
then I would be a shooting star away/
Make a wish and hope your faith is strong enough to move a f**king grain/

Yo!Yo! Saint Uzi bring that beat back…

I’ve been trying to get away from this whole conspiracy/
We against them prepared to commit felony/
Agony misery what they’d be getting, ha haha bla bla bla bla bla

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