Lyrics: Gedes – Your Best Rapper is a Lie

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It is time to meet the lyrical maniac/
Writes like a greek historian, my words have a biblical equivalence/
Study this whole artefacts and find salvation, am the advanced replica
of mona lisa when i strick this pose/
The predator with a sick ass nutritional goal/
I spit when i feed on prey,routines too complicated for a cartographer
cause no aerial imagery when i say i modify tracks on my lane, so/
The pandorax box has just been hacked/
Back to back I design facts for centuries to come/
Your time wouldn’t last even when told from a long clock/
I hear your gun cock but still confuse em for cum shots/
This the jungle this lion wouldn’t speak your tribe even if you judea/
No need to get physical my intentions already brutal/
I speak locomotion to stones, this shape shifting rappers are finding
it hard to cope with this figure/
Your digits incomplete you can’t point fingers/
Its you ushering success my way if you point fingers/
Understand, my imaginative mind-state says you wouldn’t make a
four-rest even if you coun-trys, you’re a branch of wooden structure
existence underground, like a bunch of tree roots you tangled beneath
ground you can’t rise/
Took this form to make your best a lie/
The worlds surprised at my unrepentant hate for wackness/
My darkest moment scars the sun even the day light have a memory of true sun/huh
And I do reminisce sometimes, haha, sometimes,
I do reminisce sometimes,
Even this deep flowers would wash ashore somehow/
I think my languages getting hard for talkative’s to speak loud/
I broke the silence all I hear now is shattered sound/
Its why they take commercials as safe haven now, to be wack/
Your fans only tweet positive about your track just so they can get a
retweet back/
They want a god and your mortal flow can’t deliver that/
You the opposite of truth but be prepared for massacre if you stand
in front of me and that is the truth/
Your life span is out,it is time to meet the reaper/
I don’t play games of originality with an impostor/well,
Your story would be told with a beautiful ending only celluloid can
probably deliver/ huh

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  • One Word. Extraordinary! Guy’s got superb talent. Awesome beyond measures. Kudos to you, G.

    Marz i am May 7, 2015 1:05 pm

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