Lyrics: Glenn – Sound It (Freestyle)

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It’s your favorite man Glenn and I decided to kick this real quick

Emirate, Gunners
Step inna the club, Ballers
All na Movement, Stunner
you want beef? We are hunters
Fine gyal, Pocahuntas
Come through, in my pent house
Gbosky!! I attack her
Her website, I hack am
MaskMan!! Sound it
Fi the gyals dem, Loud it
The DJs, Slam it
Wey my dem dem…..*laughs*
Light it up, Highre
Smoke it and fly, Aeroplane
Flyer than my African witches
See my broomstick, peaches

The reason for the song is the same reason your kaka
is the same distance from earth to pluto, it’s a freestyle
thing and I’m doing this easy, ‘cos my name is Glenn!

Bad man, representing
See my looks, presenting
Tall and Slim and sexy as fuck, fine boi with bear bear to match
Rude gyal, kack it up
I command you, kakc it up
From the boss of the #BeardGang Naija Research Center
I know you understand

Yo Yo Yo Yo y’all know it’s a freestyle and we’re just kicking
it real quick, it’s your favorite man Glenn. you can hit Glenn Mena
up on instagram, GLENNMENA. Verse 2! Leggo!!!

Take an option, Lifeline
Dem so underground, pipeline
So long you dey alive you got a deadline
That’s why I’m always on the road, white lines
Stop living on the EDGE, Curve 2
See my shenkess, she curve too
This freestyle, is impromptu
you rep me, I rep you too. Oii
Clear road, fi di men dem
Zone in, send dem
Sometimes freestyle is better than writing give
chance and respect reflex. Oii
Instagram, package
Pics Arts, see the linkage
Your pictures on instagram is not exactly the same way you look

*MaskMan and friends laughs*

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