Lyrics: Godson Praiz – Halleluyah

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We’ve come before your throne
to praise you
we’ve come with one accord
to worship you
with our hands lifted high
we lift our voice and say

Halleluyah 4x
Halleluyah 4x

Lord we’ve come before your throne
to bow and worship you
for you alone deserves it all
we bow and shout

Halleluyah 4x

CALL: you are mighty
RESP: you are mighty
CALL: you are glorious
RESP: you are glorious
CALL: you are faithful
RESP: you are faithful
CALL: you are awesome
RESP: you are awesome
CALL: you’re great
RESP: you’re great
(repeat 3x)
CALL: we shout
RESP: we shout
(repeat 3x)

Halleluyah 4x

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