Lyrics: Godwon – I’ve Been Waiting For You [Sinzu Diss]

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Another Strong production

Yeah, I see you Bondy. Lord A what’s Good?

I’ve been waiting on your bitch ass to get mad
You coudn’t win if Ovie O was your step dad
In my town tryna grind now how real is that
You a pussy boy and curiosity killed the cat

Taking pics with another niggas whip
Is like tryna take a piss with another niggas dick
And I don’t care what your homies say, dummy I own this
The 1st time I met your stupid ass you was homeless

I picked you up, fed you, gave me tequila,
You were dropped by Obi Asika I didn’t need ya
“Sinzu” Nigga, that’s the sign of a fraud
You wanna put your life in danger in the town of a god
Your baby momma’s a whore, fucking like it’s a chore
And its’s a 50/50 chance that’s your kid that she bore
And I know you love her, kid might be fine but real talk little homie, kid might be mine

Your daughter momma a hoe, and her father a hoe
So I wonder what baby gon’ be when she grow
It’s just pure logic, now tell me if am wrong
She gon’be stripping in a thong, dancing to your song

You made your hair like Madonna, Rihanna , and Osama
I’m presidential, I keep ma hair like Obama
You a bitch and I called you that
As long as God dey you can never fall me back

And I ain’t never lie, I mean Nigga you know it
You hear the voice of Godwon and that’s the sound of a poet

You never gave me a dollar, I gave you a hundred K
Just to go and see your kid, out in Lekki one day
Now you talking bout money, you fucking dummy
I would laugh but that shit ain’t even funny

I’m the father, same mother of all of my kids
You got a baby momma your daughter’s fucked as she is
How many nigga’s momma’s gon’ fuck?
How she gon handle her bizness when she’s growing up? Bitch
And that’s some bad news, like your tattoos
Nothing don’t mean shit cus you’s a damn fool
I saw your fuck up bitch as you was crying in the cell
Police ask you why your crying you said “I ain’t been in jail”

I was in Bank’s house, You tryna fuck up Wizkid?
Wizkid? Nigga that’s some bitch shit
And i’ll slap your gay ass with my lazy arm
And send a black rose to your baby mom
I called you for #TooMuchMoney and you ain’t had a car
I picked you up, bought some weed then I bought the bar
Down in Texas mehn, married a Mexican
You’ll get your lil ass shot by my next of kin

How’d we meet? Didn’t you write me? Telling me you was a fan and how much you liked me?
That’s how we linked on 2MM (#TooMuchMoney)
And like a chick I dropped him off at 2am

(In Yoruba)
Baba niyen (That’s Baba)
E mo won ni? (Don’t u know him?)
Hip Hop ma niyen (This is hip hop)
Hip Hop ti de jo (Hip hop is here)

My flow’s sicker than HIV without the medics
Life without the ethics
Words are like a life line, mine, when I deliver em like Fedex they’re like sugar free IV’s for diabetics

You a fag boy, and I’m a rug rat
You a fake nigga, and I’m a thug cat
Me and Kills always had the loot
You can’t afford VIP nigga tell the truth

Are you for real? Or you just saying shit?
Quit playing shit, nigga I’m spraying clips

You say i’m not hot? Mister you’r the dummest
You a liar, Christopher Colombus
And I don’t care if they all doubt, because you little and you bitter nigga, Small stout
Your whole style making me sick
2 niggas in a beef and only one’s got a dick
That’s Godwon

Lord A should I continue on this nigga mehn?
Yessir, Young sir!

I know your baby mum, mehn your offguard
She said your dick small, she don’t even know when you hard

And you only blocked me cus your terrified, I use a knife that’s not sterilized, leave you paralyzed

I don’t life but i’m getting swoll(en)
And your blond highlights you look like Keisha Cole
If I see you mehn I gotta shoot, nigga’s know I got the loot
And you making money that’s the life of a prostitute

Nah, I think i’m done mehn
That’s the exercise, bitch ass nigga
Money borrowing ass nigga mehn,
I gave you money mehn, why you talking bout money?
I gave you money to go see you daughter, nigga started buying ah ah ah point-and-kill and shit you stupid ass mother fucker

Nigga you was glas to be my homie nigga,
Nigga was writing me on myspace, nigga
Before I came to Nigeria
Godwon I love you, if you ever come to Nigeria, 070…
Time I called you nigga you was, you was acting like nigga meet the ch…ah ah
What’d they call that muthafucking foundation?
Yeah, God Bless the Children or some shit like that
Faggot ass nigga
You ma fan nigga, my number one fan bitch
Nigga you’re in ma my home town
You left your daughter in the same country
In muthafucking LA and came to my home town tryna follow my dream

Goddamn you a fan nigga, number one muther fucking fan.

Now how ur daughter gon’ feel? You not even with her mother
She gon’ see her mother fucking all types of niggas
You gotta call and explain yourself

Hello! baby! It’s me, your dad
Get the fuck outta here Bitch

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