Lyrics: Godwon – Over Analyse [Sinzu Diss]

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We back in the building
whooo whoo whoo whooo
Check it out now

I make it rain worldwide
You got to hate the power
You only reign in lag
Isolated shower
All these rappers mad
They know that I’m the flyest
And the boy is blessed
Hossannah in the highest
And they swear they aint wack but they are
I warned these cats
So follow their name with junior
As a junior and everybody no one
A million niggas rapping
My equivalent is no one…Godwon
I’m beating the track up
I’m doing the same thing to this niggas that act up
Hit ’em like a mad truck
If he truly your friend, tell him to back up
Fully in the game
You’re playing half court
You wearing tall tees
And your ass short
I’m young and I got money: lil wayne and them
Chics half albanian
Giving me cranium
Oh he talking shit
I can’t believe this dude
I would shoot his ass
But what would Jesus do?

Whoo whoo whoo whoo…hmmm
All you do is over analyze
Whoo whoo whoo whoo…hmmm
All you do is over analyze
Whoo whoo whoo whoo…hmmm
All you do is over analyze
Whoo whoo whoo whoo….yea…hmmm
All you do is over analyze

Yea, yea
Yea, analyze like you cramming for class
After school, in the club
Bitches rhyming for cash
So I reach for my stash of Azikwe papers
Aliyu Mai Borno
We do it major ahn
You like the cows
Cause you soft and you moist
And also your rap voice was a choice
Yes, the rhyme is lyrical
You analytical
You trying to figure me out
So you can ridicule
yea I talk shit
And you got real man
But I’m Quincy jones
I didn’t feel bad
They try to scold a man
Know they can’t control the man
Them nigga kiss more ass than John Travolta mehn
Yea, you on some fake shit
And I’m real
The game is like the matrix
And I’m Neo
When my night starts
I swear I’m so sharp
I’m higher in the middle
I’m like a Mo-hawk

Whoo whoo whoo whoo…hmmm
All you do is over analyze
Whoo whoo whoo whoo…hmmm
All you do is over analyze
Whoo whoo whoo whoo…hmmm
All you do is over analyze
Whoo whoo whoo whoo….hmmm
All you do is over analyze….analyze

Yea, I know who you are mehn….all you do is over analyze
You know what I’m saying
I don’t understand you nigga
I don’t understand a lot anyway
You know what I’m saying
This one, that one ….all you do is over analyze
This one, that one….all you do is over analyze
How you know which one na which one
Which one you be….all you do is over analyze

Godwon..ha ha….all you do is over analyze
Leave am like that

Little prince on the mix
Over analyze
Over analyze
Over analyze
Over analyze

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  • Lol bukie, hmmm… Nice work, i dont know but that little "Eminem" is what it really is, it sounds like "little waynin em." Buh logically he may be talking about two things there, 1. If its little Eminem(then he meant Aimin-them.) Buh i think the phonetic sound there isnt the vowel /e/ sound as in b/E/d = /Em/inem, its the diphthong /ei/ sound as in d/ay/ = w/ay/ne. Now what am saying is that he said something like "am YOUNG and i got MONEY" referring to a group formed by a superstar America rap-artist Lil wayne(as wordplay actually to prove his wealthiness), and here acording to the rule of english homophone, Wayne & wane sounds alike & the other wane according to oxford advanced means become less weaker or make less weaker. So Godwon might be sayin "lil waynin em" meaning he's gon make them weaker & prove their weakness(at the same time sayin that he got money & he is like lil wayne to them, Bukie you know what that means.) I gatta say men, am a hip hop fan & this is trash, sounds like an R'n'B track and the lines in them are as weak as my granddaddy, i think Godwon should go back to the lab, Rukus' track is more nicer and dope(that includes the beat, #french montana's Stay Schemin & he murdered it. Nice beat choice bro) Godwon's beat is trash plus the adlib, sounds like Stevie wonder dissin. I cant call it buh Godwon flip-floped. Though he gat nice rhyme-schemes, d flow is a little bit laid back that you can barely hear a word, if i should rate this track, i would give it a 4/10, not even average, thats not what a diss track should sound like, seriously. Much respect and love to Buckie & the freenaijalyrics fam.

    Barr. Henry Morris.

    Henry Morris September 11, 2013 10:29 am
    • My friend Henry! How are you?!! See how you analyzed and explained things! #kudos. I updated the lyrics accordingly based on your feedback and Bobbys' as well. Thanks!!

      Bukie September 11, 2013 6:22 pm
    • @ Henry….u call urself hiphop fan and ur saying this joint is trash? buahahahahaha!……well its your opinion

      First…dis joint wasn’t @ Sinzu…this was made 2012 and he didnt directly mention any body. Secondly….if you follow and know Godwon….you will know he’s a soul rapper. So this style of music is expected from him.

      @ Bukie….”.i warned these cats” thats what he said. Not “i borned these cats”

      Dewalg September 12, 2013 5:09 pm
  • I neva knew sometin like dis page existed… I've really missed on naija lyrics… I'm not going anywhere sha… I don port… Keep de good work goin sha. Bigups

    elixir September 12, 2013 5:54 pm

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