Lyrics: Gr8estgee – I Am Your Leader

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Shoutout to ma man juniho on this one,

Rap 1:
You say you gat vision, yea i see your lenses,
I know you gat dreams but here i see em real,
Ma wristwatch tickling and i’m getting richer,
you should start working hard cos your girl’s loving the brother,
I don’t run outta time dude, i’m in the future,
Wat i’ve done in the past uhn, its in your future,
Gr8estgee so kind humbly beg for a feature,
You’re not in ma league you’re outta da fixture,
I gat alot to offer i’m standing on the pupit,
I’m flying high the game wanna see come in the cockpit,
I’m married to success, giving her alot of great-sex,
The lines caught running, they ain’t stopping soonest,
While your going out for studio sessions, i’m air-playing,
When you’re tryna get sick bars, i’m air-playing,
Struggling with the ladder to get to the top i’m top-playing uhn,
I’m top-playing gr8estgee’s air-playing.

Rap 2:
You could rhyme in your line you could do the punchlines,
Ladies could dance to your songs they could do the dutty wine,
you could brag in your songs about your ill gotten talent,
Write some crazy lyrics voice it in some british accent,
I don’t care bout u nigga you’re the less of ma worry,
Better look away from me i’ll make your vision go blurry,
Tryna win me ur losing, tryna be me not working,
I kinda see all your wishes, i kinda wish i was a jinne,
You should really stop trying you gon end up with nothing,
I’m going up everyday but your hopes stay pending,
Ma voice on the beat and the haters beg for mercy,
if you f with me i’m gon make it look messy,
While you’re begging for shows nigga i’m making money,
Sleeping at home but not taking a nap, i’m making money,
Calls for shows keep growing weekly i’m making money uhn,
I’m making money, gr8estgee making money.

Rap 3:
Coming with all the shine, you should keep in-touch,
I’ll take over your hood soon nigga keep the watch,
You should await your time or maybe buy a watch,
I’m putting ends to the rumours bringing in the scotch,
I ain’t your funny b**** girl nigga i ain’t fair,
Raise voice against me nigga you won’t dare,
Rude kids now grown telling elders whats-up,
I’m the doctor in this game i’m gon treat your fuck-up,
Everytime i drop a single, the fans want more,
Inside or outside the studios the bars gon come,
No mentor on ma mind i wanna be like none,
For all the mother f’ers that say they shine like the sun, listen,
I spit bars that make the sun hide eclipse,
Less synophones but i do more than rhythms,
I am your leader, yes i am your leader,
You not a believer, infiedel shi*!

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