Lyrics: Greg MimshaQ – Good To Me

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It’s Greg Baby
Shaqz…I’m back..

Yo, Pass me the mic and lemme share this testimony
The devil tried to take everything yet took nothing from me
I still got the blood and His word on my lips
I almost fell but my Lord set me on my feets
Got me ready to go, now with no retreat
I’m a keep going I say yes to no defeats
When the devil tried to place me on the wayside
My dear Lord taught me how to keep my head high
Now I’m still here, still blessed, still alive
I don’t think I need a court room to testify
So whatever y’all think that you can do to me
Well I don’t care cos my God is still good to me
Two thousand and nine I hadda switch flows
Now on a different point of view and I ain’t lettin’ go
I’m spittin’ for my Lord not livin’ for the dough
The paper’s not the priority that you should know
I hear them say Gee how you wan take blow
How you wan take feed, how you wan change clothes
That’s a lotta worry about but I am good though
I’m on a mission so I’m running like I should bro
I ain’t servin’ me, I’m spittin’ for the boss
Please don’t get it wrong it’s all gain and no loss
Yo my God pays, I know it’s not a joke
And I’m a profit maker so I can never be broke
I ain’t framing up that’s how it suppose to be
Get close to me, you know that’s how I choose to live
I’m a word drunk call me a word addict
It’s my only way to get pass the bad traffic
In the midst of the storms y’all I’m still alive
So I don’t think I need a court room to testify
It doesn’t matter what the devil try to do to me
One thing I knw my God is still good to me

That’s what it is y’all
Heard so many things
Seen so many things
Done so many things
And in all these things my God is still good to me
I’ve faced a lotta things lately
Still I choose not to faint
All things are working together for my good
I know that….

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