Lyrics: Gwariboy – I Go Go

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Yes Lord
I go go….

Anything YOU want Thy will be done
Anywhere You go i go follow
Tell me what to do and i go do
If nobody go go na me go go
I go go
I go go
Anywhere You send me o Lord i go go
I go go
I go go
Anywhere You send me o Lord i go go
I go goooo..oooo,oooo,ooooo,o o o oooo

Verse 1
My ways e no pure
but i’m steadily trying everyday
no be sey i no dey pray
Lord knows how much i dey try to change my ways
Every lady half naked go dey do me strong thing
na me be the boy wey dey make dem gals dey halla
i no talk to dem about your love and all
everyday na so my heart go judge me
but see me Lord
i don come
with my dirty dirty,it’s up to You

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
21st century my awful generation
i sing for the whole wide world
wontchu’ help me please say a prayer for the world tonight
while you go to sleep say a prayer for this lost generation
and as i lay me down to sleep
i pray the Lord my soul to keep
but if i die before i wake
i pray the Lord my soul to take,Lord..
Gimme all the wisdom let me do Your will and
grant me all the grace coz i can’t do it alone,Lord
(O Lord..,help me Lord,yeah)

(Repeat Chorus)

Lord i go go
i go go Lord send me,Lord i go go
YEAH Yeah yeah!

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  • 9ice song with a unique feel knitted wit good message. 2'WYTH DA POET

    2'WYTH DA POET April 6, 2012 6:27 am

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