Lyrics: Harry CK – Humming Love

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Yee humming love oh
Nana nana humming love
Harry ck humming love oh
Na am na me indo
Ha haha it’s your boy
Ck coming out to your

Verse 1
Humming love na this kind of I sit and think of you
Sweet sweet love
Say na die I dey if you no dey by my side
Sexy love
My girl you so fine I cannot do without you
Breathing love
I lost my breath girl when you turn up my way
Oh girl you so fine,na you be the one wey dey blow my mind
Without your loving girl na die
My baby girl my humming love my humming love

Chorus (x2)
My sweet sweet love baby
Without your love baby
You so fresh you so sweet
My humming love.

verse 2
Humming love oh
The ore fridge is my aquarium
Best soldier na battalion
Won ni mi laye in my life oh oh oh
Looming tete wa le am missing you right now
Ife mi te te wa le am feeling you right now
My heart my life for you
My soul my world for you
Anything I have I will give you my baby eh eh
Say uh uh humming love
Uh uh humming love


Verse 3

Girl you go my sugar honey
Together we go stick like bread and butter
My humming no dey lie i go take care of you
Omalicha you too fine eh
You dey blow my mind
Without your loving girl na die
Dem say you be the angel from the sky
Baby i go take you anywhere you want eh eh
Umm i thought i never ever meet someone like you
Umm olomi dakun jowo oo
Cus my heart is on fire and you my desire
Chuxx say so you my humming love
Iwo nikan ni my baby i no go ever leave you for another lady
You back side dey blow my mind oh my baby
Oh baby you too fine ooh
My heart you know i never leave you
My love for you go last forever
For ever yes i mean forever with the way you turn me on
Baby you too fine i no go leave you for another girl
You be the one wey control my mind
Like the way you hum me on sing it


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