Lyrics: High M – Twerk ft. B’bash, King Gaya

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Yaaaaay! They call me b’bash….
High m!!! You know i’m high…..huhn!
I tell a bad bitch let’s go hang
Now she making it clap without no hands
Big booty “wiggle wiggle” legins with no underpants
She got a big ass and a small waist
And her ass shaaaakkkkeeee, call that ass quake
I’m bou to hit it from behind, hit it from behind, back benching on that asshole
My brand new truck got a stripper pole
Her ass is my business how about you mind your own
The money coming really fast i aint bout to spend it slow
Pulling up in that range, gold all in my chain,
Haters out of my way
Big booty small waist (ooh!) Yeah!
Big booty small waist, make that bitch twerk on that ass call that scarface (woow)
Really be killing up every flow i’m bout it
Your bitch be queuing up in my home i bought it
Your bitch’s ass yeah nigga i bought it
I bought it with my dough yeah i’m bout it
(laughs) yeah! True!
Boy! Mehn fuck this shit m outta this booth mehn
Twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk, shake that ass ho! Twerk twerk
High m! You know…nigga i’m outta shit
I’on even like this beat mehn…so m outta here! Yeah!!

King gaya:
Same shii different day…
Damn this gal booty fat i guess shez over weight…
Take em to my room yeah dey always wanna stay…
Guess dey loving up on all of my dicky ways…
Balling from the top…hitting harder dan a rock..
Yeah ma swagger you can’t touch
If you hating bera stop..or you’ll blow up like a bomb…
Wait dah was your gal…oh my god..i’m not sorry…
I made dah booty clap…
Coz shawty got a big ol butt…ooooohhhhhhh yyyyyeeeeeaaaahhhhhh hahahhhahaaa….
Had her twerking and she did not stop…. Ooooohhhhhh yyyeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh hahahahahhahahahahaahaha….made my the pop!!!!!

High m:
We talking big booty, fine face
G-string pop from her low waist
Unpredictable nut case
That’s me defining my dope taste
Shawty’s heavy with the flow, you already know
She be killing em hmmm! Twerking on the floor ahh,
Its going down, show urself, the stage is yours
Back it up one time! Make that booty clap
Rock it slow two times! Me fi send dem bomboclat
Girl you’re on another level see (c)
Riding where the pedals be (b)
Hey (a) i’m elevating, getting high smoking the cannabis
Twerk to the rhythm of the song yeah
Make all other ladies sing along yeah
Ass to the floor, show how it roll
Ride a little slow, he’s about to cum yeah!!!

He’s about to cum yeah?!….im about to cum yeah?!..
Girl the way you’re rocking dah booty make a nigga wana pull it and if i do you go run yeah!!!

High m:
Twerk like a mo’ f**king huuuuuhhhh
Twerk miley miley miley huuuuuhhhh
Ride me slow, feel the flow
Back it up, omoge no dey dull here

Twerk miley (×3)
Twerk miley (×2)…
Accept your faith and take the the
Bend your knees
Omoge no dey dull yeah!!!

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