Lyrics: Ibrochizyy – Groove On

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Its what you no music runs in my vain oh
I keep hiding it getting exposing oh
Na me alone i get no opposite oh
But when they hear that name Ibrochizyy ?

They dance along oh (yeah)
They wanna groove oh (yeah)
Na me and you oh (yeah)
sexy ladies tweak that buddy down down down

Verse 1
Move on, groove on, joo lo,
Sexy Dj’s go blast and turn it on
Cool down, tonight me & you go dance till I turn u on
Its time flex
The place hot am balling hard
The girls is there they tweaking hard
The guys is much no carry last
So many girls, Uptown girls
All of them come around wan come flex
See see see them wan complain
Baby girl No complain oooo

Verse 2
Now i like the way that you dancing
Omoge you cute & you look like beyonce
You go make me your sexy fiance
Later you take me to Biliki & Nancy
Je kakakaka doremi
Baby girl put that bill on me
Baby see we have to know
Still we have to roll
Je kakakaka doremi, Doremifasolatido
Baby see you have to no
Girl we have to go.

Verse 3
Ewo omo elele yin toh Fe ijo pami
Ema wo omo elele yio tohn so badi pami
Ama tin kan tin kan tia
Oya je kajo jo
Ama tin kan tin kan tia
Oya je kajo ro o.

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