Lyrics: Aji – We Ride

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titles=Gbenga – We_Ride]

Check it…
Car in reverse, I put it back in ‘D’ as we hit the streets, me and my girl take

on the world
It’s not unusual as you could prolly tell, with the beats from Nastizzey sure as

‘hel gon’ sell
Now we on the highway and we pushing 180 as she whisper to me softly ‘AJI take

it slow’
Took my foot off the gas, now I’m staring at the dash as I let the car slide

right back to cruise control
Tattoo on her ankle, used to cop a nose ring
Always on that Blackberry, all she do is ping – I don’t judge her
No, not at all. Hey matter of fact just pay attention it’s like your boy’s in

And people telling me I changed; ‘O boy AJI man, you done lost it’
In my mind I’m running cirlces like ‘AJI man you just found it’
She’s the one, that you been waiting for. So screw what them haters is talking

bout just go on head and bump your shit as we ride … shit
We ride
I keep on saying we ride
We ride
I keep on saying we ride

She used to piss me off back when we was kids, and now she turn me on just like

a switch
Never imagine she could be the one to flip me up, until I seen her résumé- check

Omo to fine, omo to pure, omo to ren, omo to shan,
lemme get this quick, cos I want that fast, gotta make it last before I dash,

See I’m just playing with you, see I a’int going nowhere baby I’m staying with

Plus I admire that your style and all them pretty things you wear
First I say goodnight, and next I reappear baby. Hmmm..
Can’t get enough of your love cos even when you far away sweetie I’m feeling you

And now it’s time to buzz. Fellas just wanna call me up
Talking bout ‘AJI homie its been so long where you been son’
I tell them I’m handling biz, prolly coz that’s what it is
You do you let me do me while I grab this ticket for you so me and my girl can

just…ride. Shit…
We ride
I keep on saying we ride
We ride
I keep on saying we ride

Grab your girl, take her by the hand
Take her some place nice, tell her something sweet
Be the chosen one, Let her know what’s real
Coz at the end, y’all gon ride

Y’all gon ride, yall gon ride
Cos at end, y’all gon ride

Never let you go, let you go
so grab your girl by the hand and tell her shorty never let you go, let you


It’s like, so many girls, such litte time. Make up your mind.

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