Lyrics: Igho – Come Back ft. Vector

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I’ll come back(yea,yea)
When u call on me
No need to say good bye
(How’s it going down)

Goodbye Goodbye

Verse 1(IGHO)
Not that am saying that am dope
But the Rhymes look
Feel like I just found Dagrin’s Rhyme Book
She say u never BIG u gat a tight flow
Plus you get talent pass everybody wey I know
Listen,decision kinda gave me a massage
I mixed success with failure come and give and a do Minaj(Foursome/groupy)
In-charge here but I can’t do it myself
Even if I do everything else,imma need some help
U see this industry is selfish
I hustle on my own,now this industry is childish
So imma to play along
Like new chics,mehn new flow
New money new swag popping nuovo
See I had to switch u couldn’t hate me
Tryna stay cool to my fans like an AC
To ’em forming familiarity and ping me
But my status stay TerryG omo free me!


Verse2 (VECTOR)
If u think am gone Homer
U must be so dumb(sodom) like u live near gomorrah
I gat a problem with the rumors that I heard
He didn’t take a break his career disappeared
Look I never sell out but I’ll still be the sickest
If I sold-out It’ll make concert tickets
I see you gat a dirty mouth
Boy go get a tooth-paste
Coz the only thing my voice here will be CUBASE
I look around and I see Hate Oh
But I gat a Cannon and I’ll shoot like I.G.H.O
PS:I still gat game,huh homie
On top of the World(word) Like an apostrophe’
Anyother is the opposite of this,Homer
Am the apostrophe I’ll u down in a Coma,


Now Fame is something that a player never asked for
Now we dey GLO and Visa almost see my Passport
I need that multiple-entry gimme the stamp please
So I fit rush this b*tch like a stampede
Them block road so am just tryna find a different angle
THIEF that number 1 spot call me Shina Rambo
We just work with the tools that the world hand you
My picture’s only perfect so am a perfect angle
They say am rich,do u see me spending mehn?
Or see me spitting out this money like an atm
Am on the ground and the top is why am tryna reach
So I fit MILK this TIN until its PEAK
Today u be the president and they like Alleluia
And tomorrow u’ll be gone just like Yar’adua
Omo when u untop omo make u eat
Coz time is not an enemy u can defeat.


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