Lyrics: Igwe Victor – We Are One in Christ

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Why do you make the poor feel inferior
This is so bad, it doesn’t pay
Why give them that low self-esteem
Let’s share the love that Christ proclaim

This i come boldly to say we stop discrimination
Filter our heart and live as one
Love is the new commandment that Christ gave to us
Let’s make it a practical reality

Let’s make AMEND here on earth x2
Let’s make AMEND
That we may live life eternal in heaven

We’re one; we’re the children from one father
Let us love one another
We’re the children from the father abraham
Let us join hands together
And live as one in Christ
No grudge; grudge in our heart to another x2
No snob; no snob one another, cause we’re one in Christ
Yeah eh, We’re one in Christ.

[VERSE 2]:
Love is the change we need
Love is genuine; the love in Christ
Now: let the rich blend with the poor
That the light destroy the dark
Let all people come together
Let us live a self-less life
Cause we’re the one to make a better change; here on earth
[If you birth to make a change, join me sing]
[BRIDGE 2]x2:

Let’s make a CHANGE here on earth x2
Let’s make a CHANGE
That we may live life eternal in heaven

[CHORUS]: x2
We’re one x2
We’re one in Christ

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