Lyrics: Ima’Noel – Life We Livin’ ft Dokta Ren, Remarkable

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[Verse 1: Dokta Ren]
I live a life of proof, yeah without an evidence/
The good and bad happenings, is not a coincidence/
Of the life that we livin’, we don’t have to fall for them/
Can a dog really live in a lion’s den? Nah/
Three years ago, me and imanoel were reasoning/
On how to further in and make ourselves the seasoning/
God is with us that’s the word we believing in/
We packing much heat and very soon we be sizzling/
FFF, I say Fuck Fake Friends/
Dine with u today, then they plot ur next ends/
Shout out to my real friends, Legend and Imanoel/
Shout out to MBE, am lighting up tha tunnel/
Ha anacho kwa i shake m, mana adizim ka osisi oji/
Ya mere nputa na stage, ha na paaputa oji/
Ana m atuzi ezigbo uzu, o bulu aba no ji/
My own na my own, so nwanne rakwa ka iji/

[Verse 2: Ima’Noel]
I was young,.. I was destined to shine
Tryna be a survivor like destiny child
I remember being broke but I fed, i was hoping I’m next
Praying someday my chaplets ‘ll turn gold on my neck
Understand I’m from a place so local n drenched
Steady on farming we ain’t gat nutin but then
Gotta hustle up mahn.. Cos we all tryna eat
Now I carry the weight of my fam like am tryna gym
Mehn I felt pain, nobody helped me
Survived tru the times buh still poverty hunted
On some other thang, living up to my brothers name
Who left during the hard times and never returned back
Never laying back.. I’m praying hard like church addict
Sowing seeds, hoping still.. I go grab that green
My story yakpa
I’m cut from a different cloth nobi Aba

[Verse 3: Remarkable]
Like they say na condition they make crayfish bend
well am tryna straighten mine by meeting all the ends
To achieve this kaind my dream
E no go easy my friend
But When its all over I knw it would be worth it at the end
Around here life’s hard
I don’t need to get harder
I use my akanuche,
Am tryna get smarter
All I ask chineke is wisdon like solomon and a lil patience
To endure this annoying bastards
Nwanem ma eyez on the price you can’t derail me
Put an obstacle my way they can only delay me
Am a 2face nigga the other side gat a blackface
A gangsta and a gentleman
Mindstate of a champion
Musically dope ma songs get em high like opium
Life’s full of highs and low
That’s why I steady stay high
To avoid the lows
And in due time like the network I will glo

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