Lyrics: INK – My Medley

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And maybe i should
Call that girl and tell her that i love her way more
Maybe i should
Oo ooh
And maybe i-i-i
And maybe i should
For once in my life i should
Yeahh yea
For once in my life i should

Alright see
Yes sir
And they say I am the best ah
I am on top of the rest ah
Cassius Clay what i do to the lesser
Yea yea
Rappers are vex ah
Chasing me with a vespa
Some na keke NAPEP sir
Not a threat sir
I’m a jet sir
Flyer that IRS ah
Helicopter flows, tyreless ah
These rappers are kids ah
No connection wireless ah
See my track list
I have been paving the way, John the Baptist
I have been doing my thing round the atlas
Rappers blowing up and I am the catalyst (catalyst)

Thankful for all he has done
So me I wanna have some fun
Steady rocking to the early morn
Call your friends them, make them come
Yes you see see a star was born
I’m a Don Corleone, come get some
I’m on the run, enemies them fire burn
Oh na na na naa
Oh na na na naa
Oh na na na naaa na na-ah

Alright next song, s**t
See i was Ice prince then one shangai
And now they call me that function guy
I party abroad, I got a wife and a broad
And i’m in the places you only see in assumption guy
They need a Cali then *laughs* guy
We go safari then Houston guy
The girls them love to go shopping in Dubai
Buy the store and then kiss them bye
Off to ABJ, take my guy
And all the girls they wan date my guy
The whips and all the chase swiss
The calls again EFCC them chase my guy
And Jesse told me have faith my guy
And you can blow the landscape my guy
And now I roll with that senator
And that senator and that’s great my guy

Smoking w*#d under star projectors
I guess we’ll never know where Harvard gets us
But seeing my family have it all
Took away the desire for diplomas on the wall
And really, I think I like who I’m becoming
There’s times where I might do it just to do it
Like it’s nothing
Times where I could blow like 50k on a vacation
For my soldiers just to see the look on all they faces
All it took was patience
Got some n**gas who go’n come up off the strip for me
A couple *laughs* off the hip for me
The realest n**gas say “your lyrics do shit for me”
I told my story, and made his story
Tell em I’mma need reservations for 20
I ain’t never been one for the preservation of money
Nah, I much rather spend it all while I’m living
That *laughs*
is everything i believe in, you know

is everything i believe in, you know girl

Shoutout to my beautiful ladies
All my sexy beautiful ladies
One time for my beautiful *laughs*
Goody bags for all of you ladies

I Hope you enjoyed it though
Its INK, yea
And i go something like

Awh-awh-awwh-awh *till fade*
Yeh mahn

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