Lyrics: INK – Show Me ft. Dammy Krane

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Intro –
Dammy Krane – *grunts* yah
INK – say ahn eh, ahan
DK – Dammy Krane for the girls ahn
I – Say ahn eh
DK – *inaudible*
I – Its INK nau
I – Deevee, let’s go!

Chorus (INK)
Baby you should be with me
I’ll love you everyday
I’ll love you every way
Hahn ahnahnn oweh
And if you feel the thing i sing
Put your hands up in the air
Your hands up in the air now
Oya show me, show me
Back it up slowly
Take it up and take it down, baby just control me
Show me, show me
Back it up slowly
Take it up and take it down, baby just control me

Verse 1 (INK)
Oya show me
Just me
Baby girl i promise that you’re never go’n be lonely
Trust me
Just you
Girl me i dey talk true
Baby me i promise say i no go ever jonze you *laughs*
Dammy krane that’s my nigga
Baby girl reconsider
Girl me i feel your ginger
No just dey make things linger
Dance on me, baby rora
See bottles man ah baller
Do ti fa mi re so la
Girl i don’t need another


Verse2 (Dammy Krane)
I hear you sabi pass
Yea, you like to wear addidas
No, you want to go to Bahamas
Know you like all those good good things that i’m doing
Show me!
All those good things that i’m looking for
Oya slowly!
Back it up and make me scream for more
She never wan stop
She’s always on top
Way she doing dey make me wan come
She always wan club
She always wan pop
Way she whining her bootie non-stop
Oya ni so o
Make we dey go
Back to my own condo
If you’re single
We fit to flow
You fit collect kondo!


I – Just just just control
Dk – Control me
I – ba-ba-ba-back it up slowly
Dk – slowly
I – ba-ba-ba-back it up slowly
Dk – show me
I – Just control, control me


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