Lyrics: Jacode – Going Higher ft. Psalm Ebube

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He is my light and my salvation,who shall i fear,
who shall i be afraid of,I”ll never crawl o,i”ll never
sit in position of backwardness,cos am gowin gowin higher


Am going high(2x) (RESP)Am going higher (2x)
In the strenght of the lord (RESP),, ,,
In the strenght ot jehovah (RESP),, ,,
Uwoo uwoo haunnnnn (RESP),, ,,
Eyee eyee haunnnnn (RESP),, ,, (2ce)


Forward ever Backward never (RESP)Dats 4 sure,
Aiming higher lacking never (RESP)By Gods grace,
Giving Ever Begging never (RESP)In Jesus name,
Standing ever Sitting never (RESP)Victory Is mine,
I”ll never crawl o,I”ll never sit in position of
backwardness,cos am gowin gowin higher



Have been through hell,have been through fire
have been through hard times,now am going higher……
situation always try and get a part of me,
am getting to the top,that is were have always be,
born to reign,born to win,born to rule in life,
am am born to reign,am born to win,born to rule
in life yehee


Eeee am going higher,oooo am going higher
eeee am going higher…………ee…..oo
(EFFECTs)……………….till fade…

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