Lyrics: Jahbless – Go Down

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titles=jahbless – godown]

Verse 1:
Am the natural beat killer
What you think about this
Call me godzilla
And you ask about this
Atakoro wonu ado
You know what that means.
Sars on the beat
You know that’s the shiit

Smiling when you tripping when you sippin on me
Baby i can tell when you feeling horny
Not kelly handsome wit the plenty money
Ki lon shey e
Omo ele don’t go funny

Miliki olope kan
Ogidiga kan
Lole shishe ogun eje to le gan
And am gonna love you all night to the break of dawn
Shori kini yen
Baby oma gbonagan
Moma fatasi fishan si fepo fiyo si
My brutality is killing baby finishing
Trespasser don’t try to cross the border
Niggaz aint satisfy
Till they get murdered

Chorus :
I like the way you go down
Na na na na
Omo ele wa je a jo fo now
Na na na na
I dey gbadun the show down
Na na na na
Dem batty boys wanna wanna run down
Na na na na ( twice)

Verse 2:
I can make you dig it for me
Oya baby unzip for me
The way you lock it down
Girl it feels differently
Have never seen a girl do it recently
The beauty inna ur eyes baby is tempting
Oya judi for me .. Oya baby jii for me
You pull it down wit the swag
Baby decently
Moo le goke moo le so
Moo le gbe se nue
Moo ni kini to ni shan
Baby sho fe je

Miliki olope kan ogidiga kan …

Chorus :
I like the way you go down
Na na na na. …………….. (twice)

Baby cum give it to me
The peace of ur mind
Baby give it to me
No need to deny
Baby give it to me
Omo ele wa ja o jo fo now

Biliki ko give it to me
Na na na na
Basira nko give it to me
Na na na na
Bimbola nko oya give it to me
Na na na na
Oya give it to me
Chinyere …
Sikira ko give it to me
Alima kadija oya give it to me
Tolulope chai .. Give it to me …

Empire things you know

Sarz pon the beat

Song till fade

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