Lyrics: Jerry Doubles, Kespan, V.I.C da Whixxle – Bring Back Our Girls

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April 2014, little girls were abducted
They were vulnerable and less protected
From north-eastern Nigeria
Chibok, local government area

Over 200 girls are in bondage
Sold for N2000 in marriage
This has broken our hearts
That is why we take it on our heads like hats
We join the rest of the world in pleading…

Bring back our girls, yeah(x8)

*by Kespan Maxwell*****

I can hear them, cry
They are asking, why
Why should i be, a slave in my motherland
And a captive in another land
We no go stop,
we go still dey hope,
Yea, till our girls come back home
We go show some love

**Hook: *all****
The girls are there with no choice
We standing here with one voice
Holding our placards high
Until they hear our cry

Bring back our girls, yeah (x8)

*by V.I.C tha whizzle****
We share the cry of everyone,
And free the sisters and young girls,That u abducted
They are the future of this nation,
We cannot afford to loose a generation, so we stand together in one voice, right now

Bring back our girls, yeah (x8)

*by Jerry Doubles****
Am yours truly jerrydoubles with kespan and VIC de whizzle, we’ve lend our voices in this song, be a voice by sharing this song around the world, until our girls come back home.

Bring back our girls, yeah (x8)

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