Lyrics: Jesse Jagz – 3rd World War ft. Femi Kuti

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As we look to the sky for a sign
Something truly divine
I see only the smokes from the shrine

As the *** changing times
Darkness will only sublime
I see only the smokes from the shrine

It’s a third world war
Let the horns blow from Zion
And when i feel like dying
I run to the mountain in Zion

Who brought the troops out to public
Jagz nation and the Kalakuta republic
Streets hot like a dress rehearsal in hell
And if you call on God
He only get no service in hell
How you gonna find hope in a well
Locked in a cell
And your elbows and your dermis is swell from the sermons they sell
This is *** heavy mehn
Flow so evident
They attack the residents
Suck the black president
So when the sax blows
With the mad flow
Horse and saddle
And when the floods come we forcefully paddle
There aint no pausing for ammo
In the course of this battle
Third world war
Everybody rich but the third world poor
Our nerve stay raw and we serve no law
For we deserve more
Shit than body bags
Heat through the sheets covers
Hot like body bag
Bomb threats
All the guards have left
And you got are the odds of death
Jagz and Femi, we be all that’s left
We sound so deaf
We banging on your stereo with that power,respect
We bring life at the hour of death
**We overtower in stilts**
Music so sweet, my people shower with wealth
Let no man ever devour the next…yea

It’s a third world war
Let the horns blow from Zion
And when i feel like dying
I run to the mountain in Zion

Yea, we live in the dark ages
There’s nothing but black saber and darth vaders
Arcaders, game changers and ark raiders
Street gladiators and invaders
I see alot of haters
So meet the infamous
You fake Judas, turn around to dictators
I see them green snakes and the moves that they make
I got them crawling out of hoods, grooves and the caves
Third world soldier, no shoes for the slaves
Here’s news for the brave: the resistance is here
We spit any play
We are insistently here
Persistence we bear
We the weapons they fear
The revolution that’s sounding so retro
J-Town apparel
Sounds so special
Graphic with the pain
The magic of the Zen
And let the riders know the grand master’s in the den
So let the MC passover begin
Yes the booth needs new passengers within
Jagz is the greatest
I’m practically in
No pads, no tablets
Instruction’s to win
48 laws of the seduction of men
Eliminating sinners is the perfection of man
When wind blows, we might need redirection again
I rep for my man and the reception is grand

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  • Jagga u re my real nigga till i die, i swear i see the future of the best hip-hop rapper in ur eyes, cause u gat dat true intanational flow u kick the rap clear u bring back the old death memory of the hip-hops niggas from pac to big, some rapper just run mouth on mic claim gangsta claim rapper but they ain’t know nothin bout hip, only sang bout sexy ladies, jagz,eedris and ice ya’ll made me high to the paddel smoke till i lose my brain

    Kaigama northside record October 4, 2013 7:54 am
  • Anoda song dat brings bak ‘AFRICA IS MY HOME’…so much luvin dz s0ng…wish i culd lipsing it

    Mr.SxXxE December 31, 2013 12:44 am
  • Jagz u ar gr8, u beliv me u bring me back to my root. Yea dis is d MARXISM we’ve bin seekin 4.

    Kilani Segun Solomon(WHITE) May 23, 2014 4:08 am
  • Jagz u ar gr8, unbelievable u bring me back to my root, i mean the HOOD. Yea dis is d MARXISM we’ve bin seekin 4.

    Kilani Segun Solomon(WHITE) May 23, 2014 4:09 am
  • I swear I could kill 4 this MC

    bishop.c February 10, 2015 10:20 am

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