Lyrics: Jesse Jagz – Steady Going

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It’s jesse jagz nation baby

Verse 1
Ok…mama we on now
Stacks is what i’m sitting upon now
We the bomb now
We explode when we perform now
Nigga ball hard i be lebron now
I’m so legendary
Extra ordinary
Two shots to the chest of this bloody mary
I been drinking heavy
Killing ‘em niggaz steady
Two hail mary’s for this nigga in the serengeti
Where the sun do scorch cos it’s peri peri
I see ‘em vultures be thinking they getting dinner ready
Cos they been feeding on my flesh
I’m in a cemetery
It turns out that i’m sorta what these sinners envy
A nigga vanished
I’m re-established
I’m making niggaz panic
Even hispanics
Universal flow i speak in no language
The revolution’s televising on a different bandwidth
Tune in and get your mind zoomed in and understand it
That you just landed on a different planet
Where gravity and pain keep a nigga grounded
You’ll soon get around it
When i’m on the mic they dumbfounded
Got these niggaz saying “goddamn, you done found it!
I know, my whole style sound rounded
Nigga you’ll soon get around it..wooo

It’s jesse jagz nation baby

Verse 2
Ok..ok mama we on now
Move your body, your body, we coming strong now
If you running out of paper smoke it in a bong now
And let these niggas know we on now
I’m just a normal ese
There’s nothing formal ese
What you been doing lately?
I been touring s.a
With osei, solay and alan benevente
They going jargo
You going hard yo
I’m smoking up the mic like tobacco
I’ve been going hotter than tabasco
I’ve been loaning stacks to these niggas like wells fargo
Delivery’s u.p.s cargo
So tell me how anyone gon’ stay fresher than me?
What i was is the best they could be
There ain’t no stepping to me
I’m repping me i’m a professional g
They all know the only reference is me
Any other fly nigga’s just pretending that they friendly with me
My downsize is what they frenzy could be
I’m on a musical spree
Get paid to hustle but the effort is free
So a nigga hustle effortlessly
Most definitely
Rise to the skies and the fuel is free
Ain’t no one wants a duel with me
I smoke so much i’m the president of the country of the few and the free
A nigga made a whole new industry
So fuck ’em niggas

Verse 3
Ok mama we on now
I know they all wanna know where i’m from now
A nigga been drinking from the fountain of youth
I’m learning the invaluable truth
I’m only here for this experience mehn
I’m only here for the mic and the booth
Rocking the stage and ‘em girls and the shit out the roof
And i remain the scientifical proof
I’m the lyrical truth
I’m a miracle…wooh
Let them motherfuckers be gone in a poof
Let them vamoose
They tryna spike my gin and my juice
I let ‘em know i kick harder than bruce
They on a mission to lose
Meanwhile i got nothing to lose
Their mission’s an impossible cruise
They in tussle with goons
You ain’t an artiste, you just ruffled a tune
You didn’t make it to the stars, you just flew over the moon
So let ‘em motherfuckers know they fucking with whom
Remember this’s a tussle with goons
Them niggas is fools
And they be sick with they tools
Y’all go ahead and go stick to the rules
I’ll go ahead and get my vision in tune
Cos to him who the position is due
The same damn nigga the commission is due
So i need no permission from you
So fuck ‘em niggas

Feeling the pain of my circumcision anew
If you fucking with wrong niggas you’ll end up too
Fucked up in the head and a different you
Reality be showing me a different you
Of this great space coaster, i’m gary gnu
And you know gary gnu is good gnu’s with gary gnu
So who the hell then are harry and sue?
I thought they here with larry and you?
Okay i’ve been smoking and been drinking too
Cos that shit makes me feel invincible
Ain’t no need to say shit, music’s convincing you
Okay… enough of me shawty let’s get into you
I’ma cut right straight through this interview
Let you know a couple things that make me beautiful
And shawty you can use em too
So fuck ‘em niggas

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