Lyrics: Jiron – No Fronting ft. Wizkid

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titles=01 No Fronting]

CHORUS ( Wizkid)
No need for fronting
I love the way you move
No need for long thing
Baby girl na you dey do me strong thing
I for like me and you to lead to something (2X)

VERSE 1 (Jiron)
Arijo sebi oba, emi noni
For this party tonight, baby ma‘ma bo
I can take you there, wa da’so fun’jo
Ma mu’jo, f’ara ba’le maa mu’jo
Aya mi n ja, maa mu’jo
F’okan ba’le, maa mu’jo


VERSE 2 (Jiron)
See the way she dey whine
I dey trip for the girl
I dey mad for the girl
I fit kpain for the girl
Kole ye won, Jiron ni baba
Mo juwon lo, won o le bami
Aja to n le’sein, iro lo n pa
Baby mi ni, oloo mi ni, oh oh
Ma mu’jo, fara bale maa mu’jo
Aya mi n ja, maa mu’jo


OUTRO (Wizkid)
Kere ti keke ti keke, kere tikeke ti keke!
Say my baby down low(2X)
Say my baby down low (say my baby down low)


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