Lyrics: Jopapi – 93 ft. BlaqBonez

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titles=93 Ft Blaqbones]

And I was born without father
But mindset was to go farther
Being raised by a single mom was harder
Nobody around even cared or catered
Was nursed by granny now gone
Am sorry u couldn’t get hold of ur grandson
Bt remember when u told me u’ll make it grandson
U’ll make large son,u’ll be a great man
And I promise not to let go of the fate ma
I was born alone, was raised alone
But nobody around even took interest
Only my mom was there to bank on me
And soon we’ll be laffin to the bank mommy
Last class in high school I was the best student
Shined bright everybody said I was ebulent
I was excellent,I was ur son!

93,Never ever forget 93
Way back,take it back,we made back
One time

Verse 2
I know I was sent to skool to read medicine
But I jst wanna rap’s thomas edison
to rap bright and then shine,
To bring light to the blind mind,
That’s b’coz my lyrics is divine
U said I was too decent to a rapper
People said I pass for more doctor
But trust me I am sick with this
And someday I’ll make it big with this
Make it BIG with this
No notorious,christopher wallace
Blaq,tell ’more.

Blaqbonez Verse 3
93 was dat fucking year/
Ma mom went wif ma dad, twas dat fucking year/
Even though they later split ways/
Nowadays, we just reminiscing about the good days/
..Mama was sick of d abortions yes!/
So she put her foot down, dat ama gon’ be different/
Tho ma dad had a problem wif dat/
he like being a father? He Feeling He too early for dat/
Bt Look at me now……mehn am balling/
Wif love from ma mama, ts clear am never falling/
I went against hope, success was d resolve/
No rest, was d result/ no rest until we fall!/
So am on dat grind/
pray To God steady, ama be that man/
With a perfect family/
Hope when I blow ma girl’s gon be wimme/

Repeat HOOK.

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