Lyrics: Jopapi, Benyjo – Deeper Life

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Deeper life
You welcome to the deeper life(church)
Uh beny let’s go now

Verse 1- jopapi
Banging the beat it be cumming hard
Cumming hard (cumming hard)
Spit on this beat like a retard,a retard
Rappers say i done rap tight
But i rap around all these dick heads
No condom
But am the latex
The latest
The dopest
The best
Now dick suckers be claiming they’re hiphop head
Saying all the crap like hiphop’s[dead] But i would be murking you dudes
But i wouldn’t be mocking you fools
I go heavy on the beat but i no be tools
Fm(f’em),f all this cats who tryna claim
F’em tell of these mofos to keep their fake hugs
You shallow minds can’t cope with this
This is the leaper life
Leaving the track all green,this is the richer life
Worship me like your father but am no catholic
You don’t need to diagnose b4 you know i am sick
My feet on ground i must be celestial
Meaning,am chilling in heaven
Been freestyling this hard since 2011
You know i keep it outta world
I’m extra-terrestial
Like an alien
Imma kill them,bury them

I go harder than the beat go
I go faster than james bond go
And i go flier than a bomb flow

Verse 2 – jopapi
Am here to bring life to these dead fools
Who aint gat lines but say they the best dudes
Tell ’em to secure bars or go get a police a job
I stay next to my fans something like a light a bulb *laughs*
You got over 1k followers doesn’t make you a celeb son
Y’all should prolly start a medicine store and sell herb son
Am just playing
But they debating on me
Debating on me,
Mistaking on me
Be faking on me
Be blasting on me
At every chance that they get
I am still tryna get better,i know am not there yet
But when i hop on the beat y’all get your pants wet
Sick rapper that’s what they call me thou
But am losing patience/patients like a quack hospital
Never stop doing me i got a high libido
They wanna see me flow
See me kill flow
See me bring light to the set like kiloflow
You don’t get that? Am about to shoot rappers
No matt max but i dey vex 4 the streets
Silence, no noise on street
You lame ass be shouting

Deeper life flow hard
Deeper life,go hard
Deeper life flow hard

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