Lyrics: JSwiss – Hip Hop

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I know my hip don’t flop no more
Cause I’m ahead of the game n I’m sure
And yeah my hip gon hop some more
Cause I am ready to take down all ‘em stores (Put ‘em down in a morgue)

Lets start from way back
Right about age 8 did 64 bars how the hell you explain that?
I was making it rain but held my horses
Fed em more haystacks
And them niggas were like Swiss is the most dead
But now I’m their Latest
Got shades from the matrix
Maine I see no evil, but all is peach
Part of my will ask no questions, mehn I aint no snitch
Son of a preacher welcome to church, even though ya’ll lost in SIN
Now everyone’s dancing, moonwalking, but they got no feet.
Now how Can that be?
Wrote that in sleep mode, I go higher than planes form heathrow.
Know all the sides of the hoop like I’m Jordan at the free throw
Whats the meaning of Love pits
Why is this name not on Forbes list
Question a Questioner, like hes your personal personnel down at your office
Hello World, mehn I got a pearl, Oh pls don’t tell Jack
What did Eve do? An apple too?
Oh Stevie didn’t make that Mac
I land Biggie But I’m Still unpacked
I leave Present but its still like past
A freight train is what I put In my park
Like I live in France

I’m feeling Jaded at my home front now
Will I make it through the stairs
Although im home bound now

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