Lyrics: JSwiss – Thank You ft. Nonso

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How will I say a nigga has made it?
Without recognizing the people that placed me
I’m from the West got so many laces
Guess that’s why I be leading Races
But I’m here up saying my thank yous
Together, we make up the best crew
For those I don’t Mention, want ya’ll to know I Appreciate The Attention.
Coco! You got mentioned
Diva n Pam no retention
KJ, J. Blaze, n all my Niggas be rocking with me on em stages
And my niggas be electrified,
Soon enough we gon touch the sky
Still gotta Hail My Academites
Double D’s motto: No spare for life

Oh there is a message i want to send
to my family and friends
And people who have seen me till end
Oh there is something i want to say
i hope that it is okay
without you I’d be nothing today
I just wanna thank you x4

Once again I Re-thank My niggas
On a note like a high class singer
Met the game set the change
Those 3 lines make me feel I own Adidas.
We aint never heard sound like this. Well, thanks for pointing the fact
Now I thank all my fam, the friends, my moms and all who call me men
Remember, 17, 18, 19 ages. Should be the time that I started to make it
And a minute to six aint the only time appointed and set up for greatness
For the little I achieve, I close my eyes, I bow n say lord thank ya!
Let’s start up a trend tonight
Who knows we could get all tagged for life


eyitemi ,ati padi
ore mi,Ololufe
but Ola mide dunni and kels
Ibk on the beat
Ese o


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