Lyrics: Jswiss – Worth it ft. Nonso

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What is white to a blacklist?
Back then Most of My Grades were Just like Athletes
Cos all they do is backflip
And I rumble in the jungle all cause of a Math Quiz
Was told I aint Worth it, Money Spent on me, aint worth it
But The G is involved, now everything turns, It all seems All becomes worth
Now, I want ya’ll to sit back and just chill for a minute
There aint no way you aint gon applause what I do for a living
Unplug the Mic n I’m still with this Rhythm
Lif at the top has nothing but ceilings
With a black eye, but I got a good feeling
Maine I’m Razor SHARP, LIFE IS GOOD. N Amen It

My brother aint nobody perfect now
youve been trying so long so hard
you think its not worth it now
i said oluwa dey bless me
u see dat im worth it now(x2)
im worth it now
But it was nonsense
the money and house and the cars my guy is nonsense
without you baba itll all be nonsense
if no be ur hand in my life baba
i say its nonsense

Verse 2
They said you aint worth it
Now you thinking in your mind that you’ve lost it
You wanna own, what he owns, and then own
Don’t you ever learn all that glitters aint gold?
Lord’s with my heart, My soul it aint sold
Even the proud at poker don’t fold
Wrapped in my lined I think I’m quite cold.
No Steve Austin, I Got My Fro

see im human it aint my fault
i got ups and downs all the way
dis is a story i think and only i think
ild soar all the way
i say na baba direct me aay
i wouldnt change it for the world
na him bless me aay
so dont u ppl know


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