Lyrics: Jtownmanie – Shogbo ft. BlaqBones

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Shogo Yeah [12x]

Verse – Jtownmanie
Kill that beat 1 time The
Studio now we shutting down
The shit be going global
We hit common grounds
My mind waving my dark side
See I cant tame that shit
This shit like G money
We gat 2 take that shit
Feeling my flows like
YOU really gat 2 smoke that shit
F(fuck) ‘em
Masters brought forth disaster
Can’t feed masses
Broken minds in verses
Governments a bastard
Smooth talk your ass
But that shit be like a long story
They want a party jam
To dance away there Falling glory
And that’s crazy
Now niggas now they club lonely
And some where in that south
That bitches still twerking
Role 7 the best blunt not on 07
Am imagining things
Create my own rebels
Dey try na break me down
My guy no level
Revolutional war fare
We battle know devils

Lords of that salem
See we not friends
Blood thicker than water
Get me some bloody fans [2x]


Verse 2 – Blaqbones
When am in that booth
There’s no remedy its felony
Rap tactics debated
Am pragmatic related to bars
With evil energy
I let you niggas shine
And make waves ‘fore you die
Literally JF kennedy
See am an enemy of state
Put ‘em with me on track
Am wrecking ‘em in ya face
In that booth every hour
Bringing meteor showers
YOU bring energy over time
But I aint seeing no power
Combat me on a track is tragedy
I might crack a joke but its probably
Me pulling your legs yo it actually
I’ll be pulling ya legs 2 leave you in amputee
Blaq n jtownmanie
I spit that kinda shit that make ‘em lay down ready
My mouth is a mak11
And dey damn heavy
I Gat the game in my jeans
Ya fake ass levy [3x]


Outro – Jtownmanie
It’s jtownmanie, blaqbones
My hoes are 2 thick
My money don’t leak
YOU already know this
We signing out
Blastout mixtape
You berra watch out
We coming for ya

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