Lyrics: Kani – Uniben Grinding

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A.J (On Da) 2x

Kani (On Da) 2x


I’ll be UniBen GrinDing

I’m so Amazing

My swag is Evablazing

I’ll be UniBen GrinDing 2x

UniBen GrinDing

uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh

Verse 1

we are the best

we are on top

9ja’s finest

we no go stop

uniben boiz got swag

all ma 2x uniben girls got swaggggg


we be elevating

2.4.7 take a flight

speed of light

God’s own very engineering

there’s no substitution

we’ll be leading all this amateur schools

cos i think they are prostitution

creamy boiz juicy girls

we are one

from ugbowo to ekehuan

still repping one

if you feel me put ur hands up in the air

cos its uniben awwoooohhhhh

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2

U 3x

N 3x

I 3x

B 3x

E 3x

N 3x

am so amazing, i’m innovating

i’m representingggg

shoutouts to ma hall 1 girls

looking fresh and so clean

yeah u know you girls are the bomb

shoutouts to ma hall 2 girls

looking pretty and clean in “em sneakers

and your swag turn me on

shoutouts to ma hall 3 boiz

ja shere, raz ghaun bad ghaun were

shoutouts to ma hall 4 boiz

cutest and dem bomb and

your swag gat the girls going on


(Repeat Chorus)

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