Lyrics: KaySwitch – Go Down Now

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Go down now (x3) girl
In your dolce and gabana girl

(Chorus x2)

Verse 1
I give you hundred percent
For the dance floor I give you hundred percent
Girl you fine and you know you represent
You no dey like other girls wey sit down dey pretend
So baby come along come along
Follow me to me crib and let me give you what you want
For the dancefloor you are badder than all tha girls
The way you tack it upon me
Make me wanna spend all my money
Like a fire girl you are burning

And you know x2
The way you push it on me
Girl it isn’t funny
Coz na you sexy pass and you know
Won rogo o
Bo shey jo bo shey redi
Won rogo o
Won rogo o
Won rogo o

(Chorus x3)

Verse 2
H to H you dole about it
Pon the radio you hear about it
On the dance floor she’s all about it
My music they can’t do without it
Been long they’ve been waiting for kayswitch
Like a good meal its time to taste it
No photocopy you can’t replace it
Like money well earned you don’t waste it
Its something like a phenomenon
Anytime that you whine it on
Girl you hot hot like the sun
Hold me girl give me your love


(Chorus x3)

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