Lyrics: KayMillie – National Cake ft. Da Poet

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(President Goodluck Jonathan speaking)

Verse 1 – KayMillie
Bold enough to fall in luv with hard currencies
Been broke is no joke I accept Acknowledges
Since we no dey see God,politicians let the cash rules
Then they cash cruise but the almighty gat you
The cash comes with the friends too
Dance with the wolves and they tell you street gat you
This game is like unused phone voucher
They say wait till they scratch you
Then you good lyk meagan F’d you
Sweep that thrash skillz or fashola might come on board to help you,do that
All ma dogs filled wit knowledge but am here to school cats
blueprints,illmatic,all eyes on me 2pac
Government on ma nerves,they telling us relax
Everybody’s knife in d cake,nation in relapse
Our President on Tv speakin opposite true facts
am So so def nigga ain follow footsteps
Money doesn’t grows on trees,that’s a lie
I see niggaz made out the jungle through my eyes
No be joke boy usain bolt still winning
Ma arsenal on emirates when ma loose cannon fly (get it)
Money on a two square meals,I never belle full
if you think you suffered too yours must be cele foot
Tired of eating mama put,truly this the honest truth
Lyrically I dey para shoot,thoughts loaded lyk mango fruit
Designed for this art lyk am in picasso’s shoes
Y’all niggaz can’t give me shit,Ma faeces do me
Shebi inu igbe lowo wa,I’ll put my hands freely
gon need more than a micro SD for you to save me
Ma dreams stays the same, ain’t looking for a new me
If the devil turn born again,red apples won’t tempt me
Errtime I spit bible,now am on ma street gospel,revelation of the hustle

Verse 2 – Da poet
Hey niggas face this,
I’m from the streets, where its red like hell when you look in our faces
Hard work no pay in must cases….
Without a silver spoon, I know what the taste is…
Hustling in the bakery don’t mess with ma cake…
Competition liveth, only for ma sake…
Me and my big brother still on that chase…
Nigga, you knw say,E no be today, E don tey…
I had an album before yall had a demo…
Dem say they no dey hear me, I blame it on no promo…
Cos really I can’t settle for been an homo…
I just wanna stand out,shit no carmo…

Say hello to the dopest guy you ever met…
Coming from the underground, but was neva dead…uhn
Da-Poet in this bitch, I still make her wet…check

Verse 3 – Da poet & Kaymillie

A hundred for a show, am getting pound cake…
You hating on the boy, mehn your piece of cake…
Couldn’t get my share of the national cake…
But I thought myself how to make bean cake…

Cake cake cake cake cake
Kaymillie, da poet
niggaz not safe
gadda watch your backs
We coming for National cakes
Don’t hate niggas
Its all passion for the cakes,hey

Sleeping in the ghetto but am dreaming of a castle.. tough times don’t last, like asuu strike…
I was with no bars, but now I dey grind…
Money over everything olowo okere…
Wo mo ladu gbo mi wo kan yan me kere…

Me oh sere
Omo surulere,on ma Ps lyk ebele
Green white green on ma greens
Tete bere
Money on ma mind ,no beef,no sere
Sobaking let this niggaz knows no be play play
Every dog has its pay day
National cake tell nations am here, let the song play…..

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