Lyrics: Kelly G – Mama I’m Ready

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Mama, ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been doing well at school
But now music has taken over my everything, it’s hard to keep my cool
Pls consider letting me drop out, I gotta make it as a young guy
I know I’m speaking like I’ve gone mad, but I’ve been depressed for a long
So many shows I’ve shut down, so many deals I’ve turned down
So many accomplishments but the people do not know me like they know Runtown
I’m tired of being underrated
Honestly I’m losing my patience
What’s the point of being educated on a course that I never dream of
I’m just saying, time is money, time is everything
The earlier the better that’s what they say
I’m sick of this, I need a medicine, gotta heal the pain
All my life I wanna make you proud
I feel the worst way when I let you down
Like when you check my results and you frown
You understand what I’m talking about
Mom I’m being honest with you, I’m not even thinking of going astray
Mom I’m being honest with you, I’ve tried paying money to boost up my grades
Maybe I should even mention
You’re my biggest inspiration
You taught me how to work hard and follow my dreams with a lot of
I share my dreams a lot with you, and you pray for me everyday
Yes in a year I’ll be done with school, but I go through mad depression
I can’t wait to get you a whip and a mansion and scream out loud MAMA I
So I made a track on Freedom Of Speech and title is MAMA I’M READY

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