Lyrics: Kelly Hansome – Open My Way ft. 2Baba

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My music causing gobe everywhere
Lord have mercy
Ugly beatz
Kelly handsome dey here

[Verse 1 – Kelly Hansome] Working, working, working everyday
Chukwu nna bless my hustle
Oh God I pray
Protect my hustle
from the eyes that prey
Shower me with blessings
Let it rain
God bless my Country
Show me the way
Bless my father ati Mummy mi eh
Grant us freedom from the powers that be
Hear my prayer Oh God I pray

[Chorus – Kelly Hansome] Open my way for me
Guild and protect me, from my enemies
I just wanna fulfil my destiny

[Verse 2 – 2Baba] Na heavy heavy miracle as I wake up each day
And as I navigate in this life and the things I dey see everywhere
Story of my life and the hustle wey dey
I gat to do what a guy gat to do because time no dey
And that is why I’m working night and day
For strength and wisdom to God I pray
Make you cover every pot hole along my way
Owojo ko jo laba kaura dun ya awa jo…awa ja da mee

[Chorus] Open my way for me (Awa ja da mee)
Guild and protect me, from my enemies (Awa ja da mee)
I just wanna fulfill my destiny

[Verse 3 – Kelly Hansome] Radio bangers all I’ve got here
for kpalasa music oya pass me
National anthem when I travel
straight up banging da da da da
no be play
no be say them say
Them say e wo lomo
say na we dey burst up the show
You already know
Tell them say make them stay far away
far away far away wa
e ma lo fara wey wa
Oluwa lon sure wa

[Chorus – Kelly Hansome] Open my way for me
Guild and protect me from my enemies
I just wanna fulfill my destiny

[Outro] Kelly handsome dey here
Been here for long time still strong
standing tall
wuuuuu, well able
Let them know O kelechukwu na ku
Kelechukwu na aku
Check your time o Kelechukwu na aku

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