Lyrics: Kilt Kranik – Fire ft. Della

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Magic Fingaz

Introduction Kiltty Manny
Its the Komeback King
Prince of the Throne; yea!
Y D K;
Ya Dan Kno

Badman finna talk say you no do this you no do that
You no fresh man you a hood rat
Even if you good they say that you wack oh nana

Where were you in my struggle
Now I’m made in my hustle
Go on and curse
Put more money in my purse

Ama bring the fire now,bring the fire X 2
Ama bring the fire now they can’t jock me
Ama burn up I swear they can’t stop me

Ama bring the fire now burn the flame
At the same time gonna make it rain
Ama bring the fire down to the top see;
I swear nobody can stop me

i was gone for a while
but the truth is mehn i came back strong
you think that you know me
but i bet you that nigger you knew is way too gone

came from afar and i’m going way long
and this nigga right here cant be wrong
its a brand new day with a brand new song
and ama bring joy like a new baby born

so nobody shud test me or test this
this game is a party and you not on the guest list
i cant keep quiet i gotta address this
yes please im on to the next shit

niggas talking bullshit mehn they just dey vex me
say you cant rap you cant do a thing
ever wrote a bar? ever tried to sing?
broke boys walk around talking like money aint a thing

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
They say …
Olamide is razz,he came from the gutter
Jesse jagz blew cuz he’s brother
Skales can’t blow,he shudnt even bother
Lynxx is too fake he just dey form ajebutter

Ice prince is too wack he just knows how to dress
Wizkid is too proud,he to dey form fresh
Modenines music nah,too complex
Da grin did jazz for his way to success

Phyno can’t rap mehn,he only got flow
Davido can’t sing mehn he only got dough
K switch is too lazy,he lives off his bro
Ojb needs thaat money cuz we all know he’s broke

Psquare can’t sing they only know how to dance
Abeg wande coal has lost all of his fans
Dbanj can’t even make any more jams
He’s now a slave to the whole good music family

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
Let’s toast,let’s celebrate
To the fact that soon we gan make the money everyday
I don’t give a fuck mehn I’m celibate
So forget my level my nigga we gan elevate

They keep on talking bout these niggas making money
But I aint even bothered,trust me
You can hate or love me but you still got nuin on me
And till dey ban us we gan be balling,andre-shurlle


Verse – Della
You could be acting like you know me but i dont
and i think its fine that
if you wanna test me you can run every code
no matter what they do ama be like king kong
if you wanna talk; you can talk
while we on the way to the top
right about me or my wrong
we be heading to the top



It is what it is, Ya dan know
Kilty Manny, GTS
PON THEM, bring the fire now say
Pon them, bring the fire down nigga
we gon blaze, we gon blaze up
ever blazing

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