Lyrics: King Gaya – One King

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Verse 1
When i fade out in the morning
Say a pray for ma hommies
Kiss ma shawty on her forehead
Then i roll a blunt and smoke it
With ma hommies while we break bread
Sitting at the table like we made men mehn fuck the shii we are made mehn
Let a hater hate mehn
You can die if you want to i care
What the fuck
I’m good
And i’m high and i’m bumpin on some kissland
Nothing is the same
Yeah i’m on my worse behavior
Seeing strange clouds so you know my eyes are tailored
Music so loud mehn i hope i woke the neighbours
Numba 1
I am 1 THE KING of the rap world
I dont need to diss 1 like rukus or godwon
The gifted yes i am
So lifted yes i am
Ma niggaz are high mehn
I guess we to fly then
I came up on time mehn
Barz record 1 time!Mehn
I’m KING and i’m mad mehn
I’m kingin in your bitch…bitch
Have a seat
Let me school i as i teach
And you get a revelation
Like a reverend when i preach
Makaveli on the beat
Martin luther i am KING
Cos this nicca got to dream on the hill
With a view of the ocean cos my beach is better
This is an open letter to y’all bitches haha
You can not best me gaya
As a king no way
See defeat no way
And your shits road kill

Drink it Roll it Smoke it Pop it
Drink it Roll it Smoke it Pop it
Drink it Roll it Smoke it pop it
Drink it Roll it Smoke it Get money

Verse 2

I get money yes fuck it i get money
Like harrison i’m fordin for it
Like zombies i’m hungry for it
Mike tyson i’m punching for it
M byson street fighting for it
Like yung 6ix 1tweet
I guess dey notice
Control state of mind
Yal niccaz childish
And to all who replied
Ya a novice
No diss(know this)
Just sayin
This nicca aint playing
If you hating you gon hatch like the broken eggs your laying
Makin hay when the sun shine
Make it rain when its club time with ma hommies
All the time
Fuck a bitch i’m on my grind
Smoking on the good good
Fuck it bitch i’m more than high
Spill some ace on my watch guess its high time
On the vip seat up in cloud 9
You aint even got to luv us
Buh you will respect this mofuckn hustle 1 king

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