Lyrics: King Oogbodo – Shake Ur Waist

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Oh oh

Na King Oogbodo say so

Lola eh

Na Blood Entertainment eh

It’s Shocker on the beat nah

Nah nah nah

Chorus (2x)

Shake ur waist oh

Shake ur waist ah

Shake ur waist oh

Shake ur bum bum

Verse I

Na time 2 merry

Na time 2 jolly

Wia u dey?

Where are you?

I dey 4 club

I dey 4 party

2 shake my waist

All night long

Join me too

2 shake ur waist, waist, waist

[Repeat Chorus (2x)]

Hook (2x)

Ur waist oh

Ur waist ah

Ur waist oh

Ur bum bum

Verse 2

Orekelewa baby

Oya sun mo bi ko jo

Aya wa ni

Orekelewa baby, draw nearer

Aya wa ni

Oya baby ko mo le

Oya baby beremole

Oya baby jupa, ko ju se

Ko shake ur waist now

[Repeat Chorus (2x)]

[Repeat Hook (2x)]

Verse 3

The club dey hot

The roof dey burn

This party hot

E dey on fire

O n jo na oh

O n jo na oh

E wa wo jo oh

O le ku oh

O n jo na oh

O n jo na se

[Repeat Chorus (2x)]

Outro (8x)



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