Lyrics: Kiss Daniel – Sin City

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i say bad man dapper than them
that’s the reason them vex
that’s the reason them block my way
the reason them sketchy
bad man sharper than them
that’s the reason i pray
that’s the reason i up my game
the reason i play safe
dexter in the city in between
we’re making milli-billion
follow the baba
far do ain’t new to this
started from the ghetto zero to hero
we killed them all finally, baba
wan lo ti shey *** the prodigy

i can’t shout, can’t kill a man
i can take another brother girl straight to bed
me freaky
welcome to sin city

i say, kiku ma pa mother mi
i say, kiku ma pa father mi

i say they can’t believe that
i smoke no kush
that i’m the one them choose
not that other guys ain’t cool but
cool push me and i cool
who push them
finally, if i don see past them
i no know them but still famz them
poku l’owo mi and i still dash them
bad boy team, nobody die
ka lo l’olumo ka lo mu tonic and gin
hills don’t scare me, tonic and gin…ah

i say, kiku ma pa mother mi…ah
i say, kiku ma pa father mi…ah


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