Lyrics: KliQ – What If

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More money music
Listen,is your boy kliq
You know,Dj Kelvin I see you
And I am seeing you all right there,u know
And I am asking some question right now
What if life isn’t d way u seem it like?
So I ask the question of what if,
Listen,more money music

What I rhyme like an actor
And mime scenes like a musician,
What if I poem like a cypher
Dramatize painting like a poet,
What if I preach like a pagan
And be skeptical like a believer,
What I’d I can explain doctrine like a philosopher and refute faith
like a pastor,
What if I nlinvent technology,
Like a business tycoon,
Market goods and products like an engineer,
What if I am so diplomatic
Like a scientist,
And be more empirical,
Like an ambasador(WHAT IF 4x)
What if I was holy like a sinner
And be doomed like a saint,
What if I was a wise fool
And unreasonable like a sage,
What if I keep secret like a back bitter
Betray u like a true friend,
What if I be stingy like a philantropist
Give freely like a greedy man,
What if I can give manifesto
Like a geographer,
And read maps like a politicain(WHAT IF 4x)
What if I can treat like a banker
And know currencies like a docter,
Worship in the church like muslim
Pray in the church like christains,
What if I give pain like a mosechist
Accept pains like a sadist,
What if I am wealthy like the poor
Live in poverty in the rich,
Speak theories like a linguist
Solve english physist,
What if I can be law abiding like a criminal and break the law like a
patriotic(ahh) citizen,
What if in the kitchen was the papa
Inthe hustle was the mama,
What if you were free like a prisoner
Nay restricted like afree man,
What if I am hot like the moon
Demn I am cold like the sun
What if I am brave like scubidoo
Am so scared like surper man,
What if I can see from my mind
And I think from my eyes.what if these true were lies
And those lies are true,
What if music went on holiday,but yey the fans they are clubing,
What if you were weak like the president
Demn dat treathens the Nation,
Bassically men we all poli-thinking
Fake the base and fake the fake off,
Please practice,take of the hate off,
Sometimes we work,yet we key off,
Take a minute thinking what if?
What if what we think isn’t it,
Demn its seems we all dreaming,
Shit u can call it heart breaking,
B/city heart beat keep racing,
What if my question is plusing,
So I ask the question of what if,
KLIQ is asking WHAT IF?
BIGBRODA is aking Okey,
DJ KELVIN asking,I gat to think it,DOC SIDE is aking,
Its ur boy kliq


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