Lyrics: Kristil – Use Your Head ft. FloEazy

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Baby sugar
I want tell you sumtin
Cool down
Your yanga must slow down
Time dey go
Age no dey calm down
when I tell you say I love you
You say you no gree oh!
The love wey I get for you
Sisy use ur head oh!
Go go….Lele le… gaga
Ye ah! Go go ….
Ye! Use ur head oh!

[V1 – Kristil]
Eh eh!
Baby na you I dey wait oh!
I don tire to dey knock
For your gate oh!
For her mind oh!
I no be her kind oh!
Dat PH boi from ghetto
If I be cake
Na me she dey bake oh!
She no come here dey form
We dey date oh!
Money dey her mind oh!
She dey H oh!
Bring cash now
She go dance, celebrate oh!
You carry ma heart
Dey dance shoky
On a low key
You dey choke me
You dey post me
You dey stroke me
You dey show me
You wanna throw me away
God show me the way
I could be your unlocking key
You’re hurting me
I could be your fantasy
But all she see is
Is an option key

[V2 – FloEazy]
When i try to gum body
You go say I no get money
When I don get the money
You go dey call me your honey
With you expensive commodity
You want to wreck my economy
With your expensive commodity
You want to wreck my economy
You must to show me love eh!
I want to show you love eh!
Baby make you no do me so
Just agree eh!
Baby make you no do me so
Just agree eh!

[V3 – Kristil] I could feel the lies in your eyes
Shining bright like candle light
All the love you dramatized
Gat my heart hypnotized
Use to think our love was idolized
Yes! I apologize
For the wasted effort and sacrifice
My heart was your paradise
But now you got it paralysed
See the way people just dey analyze
My love for you
Was more than nice
Heavenly, more than nice
My whole universe won’t empathize
If you wanna push me
Push me far
If I can’t be your shooting star
Make you no say think am foolish sha

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